• Green tea with lavender - TV001069

Green tea with lavender - TV001069

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Green tea with lavender is a favorite by many generations of Thai folk remedy possessing not only a pleasant taste and aroma, but also a very impressive list of useful properties. This tool is widely used as a mild sedative, giving, long-term use, lasting effect in the treatment of hyperexcitability, nervousness and anxiety. Safe even for pregnant and lactating women lavender tea promotes effective relaxation, normalizes blood pressure, helps to fight the signs of stress.Lavender tea is a natural pharmacy health.Lavender tea in Thailand is recommended to take both children and adults. It is especially useful at lower concentration, increased mental and physical exertion. During school exams or sessions at the Institute this tea is indispensable, allowing you to increase stress resistance and strengthen the body's own resources. Good natural stock of nutrients contained in lavender, and the manifestations of a nervous tick with regular use unpleasant symptoms disappear without a trace, not even leaving its memories.However, it has lavender and other medicinal properties, perfectly coping with the task to normalize the microflora of the digestive tract and improving digestion as a whole. A soothing and calming effect inhalation of lavender tea in the treatment of colds and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. And its bactericidal action allows you to use the remedy for gargling.The tea has an exquisite flavor and delicate aroma. It has antioxidant properties, fights cancer, protects against heart disease and diabetes.Green tea with lavender brew like regular tea.
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