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Phuer tea - TV000262

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Puer beauty not only in its unusual taste and aroma. Pu-erh invigorates and improves performance stronger than coffee. This is the best drink for the morning, but it is not recommended to drink Puer overnight. High-quality and properly cooked pu-erh is very good for health. It aids in digestion, normalizes metabolism, reduces high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, improves skin, reduces the risk of cancer, toxins and eases hangover. Puer - the only tea that can be drunk ulcer. It is believed that Puer helps fight obesity and rejuvenates the body. It would be better to say that Puer helps the body to be the way it should be. Puer - is an ancient form of tea, popular in Asia and the most famous in the world. Pu-erh is renowned not only for its medicinal and useful properties, but also can create a certain effect - "tea intoxication".
Pu-erh has a strong invigorating effect, which depends on the tea soaking time. The older and aged Pu-erh, the more manifest all of its properties. Unlike other teas, Pu-Erh does not deteriorate with time, and improved in taste.
The smell of pu-erh can be catch and walnut wood tones, the heavy scent of tropical flowers. It is often called the male tea, and he did extremely well invigorates.
Curative using Puer in China began almost 4000 years ago. It has long been known as the tea is slender and beautiful people. Puer normalizes metabolism, cleanses the internal organs of toxins. Moreover, it is actively breaks down fats, reduces the amount of cholesterol as effectively as the best pharmaceuticals.
Puer good thirst quencher, hangover cures and poisoning cures heaviness in the stomach after a fatty meal. This is the only tea, which reduces the effects of radiation. How to prepare Pu-erh?
Brew Pu-erh tea is quite traditional. But to open the entire range of beverage and enjoy every sip will help compliance with several nuances:
1. Maker. It is necessary to choose a small volume (100-200 ml), glass or porcelain. The glass pot can watch the water heating stage and the behavior of the tea leaves.
2. Water. It would be the best spring, artesian or filtered.
3. The amount of welding. Its rate of lay 5-10 grams per 200 ml if erh loose or 2.3 cm3 piece when it is compressed into a tablet or brick. Pressed tea before brewing necessarily need to knead.
4. Before brewing Puer sure to rinse with hot water from the dust. That is pour a little hot water, then drain immediately.
4. brewing time. It is necessary to observe a middle ground and not "overdo" the next drink.
5. The temperature of the water. The best option - 90-95 degrees.
Brewing tea leaves to be from 20 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the preferred beverage strength. Use of one portion can be 2 to 20 times, each time increasing the infusion time of 15-20 seconds.
So unique is ready to drink - enjoy!
200 gr.
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