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Tea Matoom Bael - TV000253

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Our online shop "Thai Voyage" offers to buy tea Matoom Bael - natural fruit and healthy drink with a distinct hint of sweet taste, the fruits which grow on the southeastern shore of Asia. Locals call this fruit "Matoom" translated into English means - "wood apple", one of the most useful plants expanses of Thailand. It is known that his name was discovered in ancient times on the ancient scrolls and manuscripts.
Thai tourists are accustomed to seeing the tea Matoom on store shelves in the form of dried fruit, and in Europe, are sold in packages.
A pleasant taste tea Matoom treats flu, bronchitis, colds all, including cardio-vascular dystonia, gastric failure, triggers the main areas of the cerebral cortex. This is a very useful tea drink.
Such tea has no side effects, contains caffeine and preservatives. Tea beverage is used as a hot or cold.
Buddhists and Hindus believe that the tree "Matoom Bael" truly sacred, and can bring into the house of wealth and prosperity.
Eastern medicine has for many years applied this plant in the treatment of many serious diseases and, and quite successfully.
This tea beverage primarily removes heat acts as a sedative effect causing expectoration, thereby treating colds.
Eat a wholesome drink should be exactly according to instructions.
First you need to in a teapot or cup to put two pieces of fruit matum, then pour 200 ml of warm or cold water and leave the mixture for ten minutes, and then drain the water. Then pour boiling water and let stand for at least two hours, or throw fruit in a boiling water and boil for five minutes. To effect was even more desirable to use warm tea.
Contra tea Matum, only one - idiosyncrasy that happens very rarely.
Buy tea, you can in our online store "Thai Voyage". The tart taste useful tea beverage with an unforgettable aroma of spices will fill your body with vitamin C, raise the appetite and bring unnecessary toxins.
It recommended for people with diarrhea, dysentery and severe gastric ulcer form.
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