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Very popular worldwide natural diet drink for weight loss Sliming Herb is ideal for those who want to lose weight, but to pace yourself diets and starvation, as well as tea can be used as an effective laxative for bowel cleansing, constipation. Tea Sliming Herb can be used by both men and women.
Tea prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. Does not have any side effects. Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.
Grass Senna constipation, it is used to clean the body, as well as diseases, a condition which requires a smooth bowel movement and soft stools: hemorrhoids, fissures in the lining of the anus, ulcerative colitis and others. Also used the laxative property of Senna in preparation for operations on the large intestine, the organs of the peritoneum, or before x-rays of the intestine.
This tool cannot be used for people suffering from stomach disorders or experiencing frequent abdominal pain. When used, must strictly follow instructions for preparation of the beverage. One tea bag is needed for 30 minutes, pour a glass of room temperature water. You cannot use the hot or boiled water! Let stand for at least 45 minutes. Drink used 2 times a day - morning and evening.
In the first day, take 100 ml of broth. The morning after the first application may experience abdominal pain, severe loose bowels and about two times in the morning. Stomach pain is usually mild, but if you tolerate them will be difficult and relief is excessive, the dosage for the evening should be reduced. Gradually the body gets used to the Senna and the dosage increase, so that at the end of cleansing, on the seventh day, drank 200 ml of broth. If cleaning is easily tolerated, it can be extended to 10 days. Due to this cleansing of bowel feces out "debris", it accumulates, from the kidneys are sand and stones. Carry out cleaning procedures with the help of Senna leaves can be once in a month. Practice and more extreme cleansing with Senna, when for one or two days without training take 200 ml of broth, but it is recommended only to people who are sure of the good condition of their stomach and intestines.
Early use of tea, a strong cleansing effect. 
If You are taking powerful drugs, before using this weight loss products be sure to consult with your doctor.
Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity. 
Senna leaves 70%; 
Senna pods 30%.
In the packing of 50 bags.

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