• Green tea with flavor banana - TV001822

Green tea with flavor banana - TV001822

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Banana tea from Thailand has become one of the most popular Souvenirs purchased by tourists certainly this Sunny country. Excellent taste of Thai tea with the aroma of banana make it a great replacement for the traditional tea duties. Rich in potassium, magnesium and iron composition contributes to the overall strengthening of the organism and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. And the presence of natural stimulants of the nervous system improves brain function and, in General, provides improved concentration and memory. Banana tea is widely used as a tonic and normalizing metabolism natural remedy, it is recommended to take in the postoperative periods and during recovery after a heart attack and stroke. And when used in periods of increased nervous or emotional strain contained in the composition of tea potassium provides the normalization of the nervous system and improves concentration. Even if You need extra restorative remedies, use banana tea in moments of awakening in the morning or to throw off the burden of a busy working day, and You will be able to appreciate all the benefits of this extraordinary drink.

80 gr.

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