• Green tea with flavor pineapple - TV001068

Green tea with flavor pineapple - TV001068

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Natural green tea with the scent of pineapple from Thailand combines traditional toning properties of tea leaves and a marked antioxidant effect on the body. Drink with a rich taste and fragrance is not only fun, but also gives a boost of energy for the whole day, and refrigerated it can be used instead of tonic for sports training. Among the known useful properties of tea with the aroma of pineapple – supply the body with valuable vitamins and minerals. But not only this famous tea collection. After all, the people of Thailand appreciate its beneficial effect on the digestive system. Contained in pineapple extractives can quickly get rid of heartburn and excessive gas formation, speed up slow digestion and its diuretic action helps to normalize the kidneys and helps reduce swelling. Tea with pineapple is helpful in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, improving the composition of blood, reducing cholesterol levels and helping to normalize blood flow. The antioxidant properties allow the tea to demonstrate a beneficial effect even in the framework of complex therapy of oncologic diseases and in the treatment of benign tumors. And with toxemia in pregnancy or the toxic conditions caused by food poisoning, pineapple tea helps reduce the gag reflex and has a soothing effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach. In addition, pineapple tea from Thailand quenches your thirst, fights stress, relaxes the body and clears the bronchial tubes.
Brew like regular tea.
80 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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