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Buy bags, wallets made of snake skin, crocodile, stingray

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Екатерина (Москва)
« Спасибо! Крокодиловое масло пришло в целости и сохранности. Оно превосходное от упаковки до возде..»

2018-04-20 10:41:00

joycelyn (Bangkok)
« Thanks so much dear. I have got the parcel. Happy songkran to you and your family. Have a good da..»

2018-04-13 12:22:36



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Olive oil for hair Supaporn - TV000754
Supaporn Olive oil nourishes dry hair, saturate them with vitamins and glues split ends and strengthens hair roots. Hair becomes more voluminous and obedient. Supaporn developed the perfect combination of natural ingredients to care for your hair. Olive oil is recommended for use in the summer, w..
Supaporn Soap wisp - TV000128
Block of natural aromatic SPA soap in a special sack, which performs the role of a massage sponge. Part of SPA soap is included Tanaka is a therapeutic, aromatic and cosmetic natural product from the bark of the Tanaka tree, which is still in Thailand, called "Golden powder". Tanaka used ..
Thai Soap Supaporn - TV000127
Supaporn Soap in assortment: 1. Ginger soap acne and acne. Excellent cleans and refreshes the skin. Suitable for daily use. Formula ginger soap contains ginger extract, rice germ oil, who are actively struggling with the harmful bacteria that cause problems with young problem skin. Soap..
Thai toothpaste Supaporn - TV000750
Thai toothpaste Supaporn in the range: - Extract of guava (orange packaging). Brownish paste - cream color with strong menthol flavor, the composition contains guava leaves, which have a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. - With borneol and camphor (green packaging). Whitening ..
Thai toothpowder Supaporn - TV000014
Whitening tooth powder Supaporn with herbs - a great tool for combating tartar, inflamed gums and whitening dental enamel. If you use dental Supaporn powder reduces the risk of caries, tartar, prevents bleeding gums. Application: brush, moisten with water, put on her powder brush your teeth a..
Tooth powder Supaporn in a jar - TV000015
Thai tooth powder Supaporn in the range: Classic. Thai tooth powder Supaporn perfectly whitens teeth, strengthens gums, effectively freshens breath. Natural extracts of Thai herbs very effectively help in the treatment of gingivitis. Regular use of the powder allows you to lighten your teeth, r..
White Thai mud for skin Supaporn - TV001689
Lovely refreshing mask for cleansing the face and body, balance the ph level of the skin, pores and lighten age spots - perfect for normal to oily skin. Eliminates acne, tightens and firms the skin. Thai Soft mud is a calcium compound. It has a pleasant smell and a natural coolant. Thai mud h..