• Jasmine oil - TV000217

Jasmine oil - TV000217

  • Brand: Sabai Arom
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  • Country of dispatch: Thailand
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The aroma of Jasmine develops imagination, stimulates creativity, activity. Jasmine promotes a bright and realistic attitude to life, optimism, self-confidence, it belongs to the oils, quickly uplifting and causing mild euphoria. But at the same time Jasmine oil also has a soothing stabilizing effect, which promotes deep relaxation. It is actively used to combat nervous disorders and depression, obsessions and fears. It is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and active stimulants, which enhances the attraction, eliminates coldness and disharmony. Jasmine strengthens mutual trust, self-confidence, carries a feeling of lightness and balance.
White mineral oil – White mineral oil;
Jasmine extract Jasmine Extract.
Application: use for sunbathing and after, for massage, for hair, to moisturize the skin after taking a shower. Apply the oil to cleansed face and body skin, gently massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Not wash.
Contraindications: do not use if you are allergic. Individual intolerance.
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