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Required sales representative

Sales Representative


Online store "Thai Voyage" – leader of the segment of quality Thai cosmetics and accessories - invites purposeful and positive candidates to join our company!

The products of the online store "Thai Voyage" is successfully sold and in demand around the world. Online shop "Thai Voyage" produces quality packaging and delivery of the postal service of Thailand to anywhere in the world.
What we provide to the sales representative:
• Ready-to-use website with all the goods of our range; If you do not have a language version of your country on our site, you translate it to your language;
• Consultations on all matters relating to the work;
• Priority dispatch of goods to your Buyers;
• Advertise your store.
Principle of operation:
• Work remotely from anywhere in the world;
• Ability to combine this work with core activities.
Requirements for a candidate:
• Availability of Internet;
• Openness to the new;
• The desire not only to work, but to earn;
• Having an education or experience in marketing or in sales will be your advantage.
 Provide the following package of documents:

1. Constituent documents of your company (Notarized)

2. The Charter of your company (Notarized)

3. Copy of the director's passport (notarized)

Your income from cooperation:
• Prices for goods in your store. You install at your discretion;
• Your income from cooperation on the difference between the amount, payment for purchase and purchase in our company on special terms.
Duties of sales representative:
• Promotion of the company's trademark in your country;
• Search for new customers;
• Consultations of buyers, assistance in the choice of goods.
 If you are interested in working with our company, please  WRITE TO US