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Sabai Arom

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Aromatic oil Sabai Arom - TV000216
Collection of delicious fragrant nourishing oils for Sabai Arom body - the most famous brand of natural cosmetics as a Thai in Thailand and around the world. Nourishing oil spray Sabai Arom contains 85-98,5% natural ingredients. Nourishing oil is used for intensive nutrition skin of the b..
Aromatic roller Sabai Arom - TV000219
Soothing aromatic roller from the company «Sabai Arom» in the range: - Sleep № 1 (For a good night's sleep). This fragrant composition absorbed the essential oils of exotic Thai herbs, so it is perfect for comprehensive relax the body and mind. When used in conjunction with simple relaxation ..
Banana Mask Sabai Arom - TV000203
Moisturizing banana facial mask Sabai Arom. Ingredients: extract from the rind of Thai bananas; extract from the flowers of Thai bananas; Extract from the leaves of Centella asiatica; longanovy honey; yogurt. Application: cleanse the skin. Squeeze from a tube copious amounts of masks on hand...
Banana Scrub Sabai Arom - TV000202
The unique composition of Sabai Arom scrub cleanses the skin from keratinized particles, effectively exfoliate them, renewing and rejuvenating the skin and smoothing out wrinkles in the neck and upper chest. Ingredients: extract from the rind of Thai bananas; extract from the flowers of Thai ..
Banana Shampoo Conditioner Sabai Arom - TV000204
Banana shampoo-conditioner Sabai Arom well moisturizes the hair, suitable for dry and normal hair. The hair becomes fluffy and silky. Ingredients: Thai bananas; longanovy honey. ..
Body Cream Sabai Arom - TV000200
Body Cream Sabai Arom in the range:   - Tangy delight. This firming cream with invigorating aroma will help you improve your mood. Rich softening and brightening the skin of fruit enzymes, it also contains a cocktail of "happy" citrus oils created from extracts of lime, tangerine and..
Body lotion Sabai Arom - TV000199
Body Lotion Sabai Arom in the range:   - Happy rice. Ingredients: extract of three different varieties of organic rice in the province of Surin in the ecologically clean area of ​​Thailand. This rice contains unique substances such as gamma oryzanol and orizakeramidy having unique an..
Body Scrub Sabai Arom - TV000208
Body Scrub Sabai Arom in the range:   - Jasmine ritual. jasmine white flowers give this delicious creamy skrabu elegant and delicate flavor, the smell, of course, the most recognizable of all in Thailand. Jasmine is a symbol of purity for Thais and used in garlands adorning the altar..
Cream for hands and nails Sabai Arom - TV000211
Cream for hands and nails Sabai Arom in the range:   - Happy rice Ingredients: extract of three different varieties of organic rice, which contains unique substances such as gamma oryzanol and orizakeramidy with unique antioxidant properties; pure sesame oil (moisturizes the skin..
Cream for the neck and décolleté Sabai Arom - TV000210
If you want to look younger and to hide his true age, you definitely need to pay attention to your neck and chest area. Unfortunately, with a lot of attention to your face, many women often forget that their age gives them the neck and chest. Ingredients: extract of three different varieties ..
Cream-shower gel Sabai Arom - TV000205
Cream shower gel Sabai Arom in the range:   - Divine mango. The mango contains large amounts of nutrients and unique enzymes that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This unique combination of ingredients will make your skin supple, soft and delicate.   - T..
Foot Cream Sabai Arom - TV000201
Softening Foot Cream Sabai Arom WONDER BANANA. Softening cream with bananas and mint is the most effective means to eliminate the cracks on the heels of the feet, so that many women tortured. Ingredients: Thai banana, peppermint.   Application: Apply the cream on the knees or elbows ..
Freshener body Sabai Arom - TV000221
Aerosol air freshener body Sabai Arom in the range: - Sleep No. 1 (For sleeping in the purple packaging). Can't sleep? This is a gorgeous aromatic therapeutic tool will help You! Thais have long found that the smells of Jasmine and White Champaca (Magnolia) have a relaxing effect and has long..
Gel Face Sabai Arom - TV000215
Moisturizing Gel is rich in nutrients, has a refreshing scent of jasmine flowers with the properties of pennywort, popular influence their pores and Aloe Vera, which makes up for the lack of moisture in the skin. This gel is used to soothe irritated and tired skin. Experience the gentle gel w..
Hair conditioner Sabai Arom - TV000214
Hair conditioner Sabai Arom in the range:   - Kaffir lime. Thanks to the essential oils obtained from kaffir lime, this concentrated citrus conditioner has a rich exotic smell. In addition to the aroma therapy and restore functions fruits lime and grapefruit, Thai residents for years..