We invite representatives of the company

Online store "Thai Voyage" - the leader of the segment of quality Thai cosmetics and accessories - invites target and positive candidates to our company!

    The products of the "Thai Voyage" online store are successfully sold and are in demand all over the world. The online store "Thai Voyage" produces quality packaging and delivery of its goods by the postal service of Thailand to anywhere in the world.
What we provide to a representative of the company:
1. Ready-to-use website *  on the subdomain of our store and on our hosting, which contains:
  • A convenient admin panel for managing your site;
  • All catalog of goods from our assortment;
  • E-mail newsletter to customers of your store directly from the admin panel;
  • Payment options for your customers;
  • Block of placement of paid advertising on your site.
  • The representative is provided with 1 language version of the site for the Representative's choice.
2. Consultations on all matters relating to work.
3. Priority dispatch of goods to the buyers of the Representative.
4. Advertising of Representatives store on the official website of the company.
5. Customers of our store will be offered to make a purchase in the representative's shop, if the goods that interested them are available to the representative's store in stock.
Principle of operation:
1. The  representative is provided with an online store with all the settings for work;
2. The representative enters his requisites for payment, if necessary changes the text of the articles and starts working;
3. The partner's website displays 2 prices for the item:
  • The price under the order, which the Representative can not change, is established by the company;
  • The price for the goods that is available in the Representative. The representative appoints the given price at own discretion.
4. The  work of the representative is possible anywhere in the world;
5. Receiving additional income from the advertising posted on your site;
6. The   ability to combine this work with core activities.
Your income from cooperation:

1. Prices for goods that are available in the Representative's store, the Representative  shall determine at his own discretion;

2. The prices for goods that are delivered to the buyer under the order of the Representative to raise shall not be entitled, except when they are raised in the parent company;

3. Our store is ready to provide the Representative with the following discounts:

  • The first month the representative is given a discount on the goods of our assortment in the amount of 16%
  • The second month and subsequent discounts for goods are formed depending on the amount of purchase, for the previous month. For example: The buyer registered as a Representative in September - he bought all the goods at a 16% discount, next month the purchase amount of the Representative was 300 USD, so in November, its discount based on the purchased goods will be - 10% and so on. (The price of delivery in the amount of purchases is not included )

System of discounts for the representative of the online store  "Thai Voyage"

(Prices are in USD and converted into all currencies at the rate)


500 - 699 USD 16%
700 - 1 499 USD 20%
1 500 - 3 000 USD 25%
more than 3 000 USD 40%
On the delivery of goods to the Representative from the kit does not apply. Delivery of goods to the representative is made at the rates of mail of Thailand + cost of packing.
Duties of sales representative:
  • Initially, a representative of our company must make a purchase of goods in our company for an amount not less than 1500USD
  • A representative of our company is required to make an order in our company on a monthly basis in the amount of 500USD
  • Promotion of the company's trademark in your country;
  • Looking for new clients;
  • Consultations of buyers, assistance in the choice of goods.

How to become a representative of the  

online store "Thai Voyage":


1. You register in our store as a Representative. (when registering, you must select the REPRESENTATIVE status)

2. Send the following package of documents to the e-mail:  


3. The administration of the company will consider your candidacy and will contact you via e-mail.

 For consideration of your candidature, the following package of documents is required:
                   FOR THE COMPANY:

1.  Completed application form;

2. Constituent documents of your company;

3.  Copy of the director's passport.

These documents must be certified by the signature of the director of the company and stand the seal of the company.


1.  Completed application form;

2. Copy of a valid passport of a citizen.

* Installation of additional modules on your site is negotiated individually.
 If you are interested in working with our company, and you have any questions please
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