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Нина ()
« Доброго времени суток, сегодня получила посылку. Ровно месяц прошел после того как я отправила за..»

2017-05-23 18:32:54

Татьяна (Москва)
« Сегодня получила посылку ! Спасибо большое ! Заказывала сушеное манго и бананы . Манго очень вкус..»

2017-05-17 05:41:11

Cristina (Spain)
« I ordered the package on the 29th of April and recieved it on the 12th of May in Spain. I'm reall..»

2017-05-15 12:01:02


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Dropshipping. Where to begin?


   In order to develop and launch the work of the online store or a page on the social networks operating on the basis of dropshipping, you must:


- Determine the direction of the work and negotiate with suppliers, who will be engaged in assembling and sending orders to the consumer;


- To create a site or a page on the social networks;


- To process incoming orders: take the payment from the customer for the order to convey all the necessary information about the order to the supplier and to transfer him the money (minus a margin, established as a payment for services dropshippera).



What are the advantages of direct deliveries from Thailand from the online store "Thai trip" to an intermediary - dropshippera?

  • I do not need start-up capital to start a business. Do not you want to purchase goods, as in the case of network marketing, or storage space, as in the case of ordinary retail trade. Thus, dropshipping does not carry the financial risk;


  • Profit  Dropshippera  sum of the difference value of the goods at a discount, provided to him online store "Thai Voyage" and set the value to them. Companies operating under the scheme dropshipping offer intermediaries goods at a price that is lower than the retail price of the same products on its website;


  • Dropshipper  free of worries for dispatch - is doing online shop "Thai Voyage";


  • In the scheme of dropshipping online store "Thai Voyage" does not reveal the source of supply to the buyer and provides a service to send the goods on behalf of an intermediary. Thus, dropshipper can create your own brand and promote it - and it is not worth it any cost.


To see the entire list of products available in our store, click HERE.


 ATTENTION  When sending the goods ordered by your customer, we do not put in the parcel no advertising products of our shop. Your customer receives your order on your behalf. 

So, dropshipping is an excellent opportunity to start your own business, having spent a minimum amount of funds for its creation and promotion. This system allows you to work in almost any area - from food to household appliances, cosmetics, clothing and other things, not renting at the same storage space and without going into the conditions of storage of such goods. Besides, it is a good extra income.


If you have any suggestions for us, we are ready to discuss the details of future cooperation.


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