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Екатерина (Москва)
« Спасибо! Крокодиловое масло пришло в целости и сохранности. Оно превосходное от упаковки до возде..»

2018-04-20 10:41:00

joycelyn (Bangkok)
« Thanks so much dear. I have got the parcel. Happy songkran to you and your family. Have a good da..»

2018-04-13 12:22:36



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Face mask Takezumi Mistine - TV001155
Mud mask created by a special technology of the Spanish pink clay, rich in minerals, sodium and potassium, and bamboo charcoal, skin cleansing and detoxifying of the deep layers of the skin. Bamboo charcoal, known in Japan as Takezumi, is produced at a temperature of 1,000 degrees, and then h..
5.12USD 4.09USD
Facial Wash with goat milk Mistine - TV001154
Foaming cleanser with goat milk, royal jelly and gingko extract to cleanse, remove makeup and natural skin whitening. The special formula allows you to clean the face effectively. Goat's milk is rich in vitamins and minerals will rejuvenate your skin and make it smooth and velvety. Goat milk ..
4.77USD 4.09USD
Remover Cream Out Hair Mistine - TV000106
Cream for hair removal with the effect of slowing down hair growth, hydrating skin, and very quick to use from a Thai manufacturer of cosmetics Mistine brand. For the action of the depilatory cream is enough for 5-10 minutes. Hair removal cream Mistine is used to remove unwanted hair on a..
Snail foaming face wash Mistine - TV001010
Delicate Thai facial wash containing the extract of a South Korean snail filtrate, as well as collagen and hyaluronic acid to see the Thai cosmetics manufacturer of premium Thai company Mistine.   Cosmetics based on snail slime extract is very popular among Asian manufacturers of cos..
Anti-aging face cream snail Mistine - TV001422
High-quality anti-aging Thai gentle cream containing snail extract filtrate South Korea, as well as collagen and vitamin complex to see the Thai cosmetics manufacturer of premium Thai company Mistine.   Creams and serums based on snail slime extract is very popular among Asian manufa..
Anti-aging facial wash with an extract of sheep placenta Mistine Placenta - TV001662
Facial Wash Placenta Mistine enriched extract of sheep placenta. Placenta is used for skin care, because it is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In addition, the researchers found that the sheep placenta extract also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by increasing the prod..
Black eyeliner Mistine - TV001461
Eyeliner Super Black eyes from popular in Thailand Mistine company that specializes in producing high quality cosmetic, famous far beyond the country. This is a very comfortable, moisture resistant, liquid eyeliner pen has a rich black with carbon micro beads, and felt the hard tip allows you to ..
Black eyeliner Mistine «Hawk Eyes» - TV001462
Eyeliner Super Black Hawk from the popular Mistine Thailand company that specializes in producing high quality cosmetic, famous far beyond the country. It is very convenient, liquid eyeliner pen-tip is 2 different thickness, has a rich black with carbon micro beads. Thin hard felt tip allows you ..
Coconut hair serum with keratin Mistine - TV001933
Hair serum based on organic coconut oil with keratin, enriched with extracts of ginseng, burdock and mushroom polypore, as well as containing vitamin for hair Biotin from the famous Thai producer of premium cosmetics Thai company Mistine. The serum provides the effect for the hair after the p..
Cucumber gel for the skin around the eyes Mistine - TV001924
Cucumber gel for the skin around the eyes contains Mistine cucumber extract. Perfectly removes dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles. Suitable for young skin. Stops the first signs of aging. Ideal treatment for aged 25-35 years. ..
Essence Face with red Korean Ginseng Wrinkle Mistine - TV001466
An effective anti-aging serum for all skin types from renowned brand of Thai Mistine for instant rejuvenation and restoration of "tired" skin. Original whey formula for youthful skin contains a powerful antioxidant composition - red ginseng extract, which nourishes the skin gluco proteins. In..
Extending and tightening up Mascara Mistine «Extreme volume» - TV001456
Double-sided mascara Mistine creates fine lashes, making them thick and bulky at 400%!   Extending and tightening up ink, increasing the volume of eyelashes and enlarges the eye with a very comfortable brush allows you to quickly and easily create the perfect lashes. Mascara Mistine ..
Eyeliner eyebrow correction Mistine - TV001463
Eyeliner eyebrow correction Mistine available in three colors:   01 Dark brown - dark brown; 02 Natural brown - natural brown; 03 Soft brown (gold brown) - soft brown, golden brown. ..
Face Serum Concentrate sheep placenta Mistine - TV001428
Serum for the face with anti-aging properties on the basis of 100% Australian sheep placenta concentrated extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and extract "rejuvenating female" plants Pueraria Mirifica Thai producer of the famous Mistine cosmetics.   A unique feature ..
Foam for facial wash for oily skin Mistine Acne Clear - TV001664
Foam facial wash Mistine Acne Clear problem skin effectively cleanses the face and eliminates the inflammation and pimples on the skin, constantly monitors and removes excess sebum. Benefits of foam facial wash Mistine Acne Clear: - Foam provides an antimicrobial effect on the skin; -..