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Antibacterial oil for problem skin Ozzy Madame Heng - TV000025
Antibacterial oil Ozzy problem skin developed by Madame Heng Thai-based Australian ingredients. This natural antiseptic for the treatment of problem skin, eliminate acne and inflammation, eliminates the root cause of acne and inflammation on the skin, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bac..
Aromatic soap "Natural Balance» Madame Heng - TV000021
Aromatic soap "Natural Balance" from the company Madame Heng in the range:   Care spa wood (forest aroma) - burgundy packaging; Care spa rose (rose fragrance) - red packaging; Care spa mint (mint flavor) - green packaging.   Soap "Natural Balance" from the compan..
Herbal Soap Easy Sport Madame Heng - TV000020
Soap from the company Madame Heng Herbal active substance for athletes refreshes the skin, removes grease and eliminates the smell of sweat. Throughout the day, your skin will be clean and fresh. ..
Madame Heng Soap Acne - TV000024
Ozzie Soap from Madame Heng made by Australian recipes for cleansing the skin and the treatment of acne. The unique formula of this soap contains five different plant extracts, and thus a therapeutic effect: deep cleaning of skin pores, removing excess fat, destroying the bacteria that cause acne..
Madame Heng Soap for treating acne - TV000019
Madame Heng Soap acne with Tea Tree extract from Thailand makes the skin smooth and clean by removing excess fat. It prevents accumulation of bacteria. It eliminates bad breath. Designed especially for boys and girls, to clean oily skin acne and acne. Thai company Madame Heng was established ..
Madame Heng Soap of pigment spots - TV000022
Madame Heng Soap for skin whitening and cleaning it from age spots. ..
Madame Heng special formulation of pigment spots - TV000023
Special composition for whitening skin and removing age spots from Madame Heng - this is a great whitening composition, which is very popular among Thai women. This is a wonderful means of nourishing the skin, giving it a beautiful and natural color. The tool is excellent fights redness and rashe..
Soap Barong Madame Heng - TV000018
Aromatic soap from the famous Barong Madam Heng Thai company. Barong soap prevents skin peeling, formation of pimples and rashes. Reduces itching and insect bites, it acts as a deodorizer and odor from the body, effectively cleanses the skin. ..
Soap Madame Heng - TV000017
Traditional classic soap Madame Heng does not need additional advertising about it everyone knows. The composition of this soap at various herbs include honeysuckle flowers, rinakantusa nosed, mint stems, and even seaweed. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, cleansing and moisturizing it, mak..
Baby soap delicate Madame Heng - TV001557
Baby fragrant soap with a delicate herbal formula that is suitable even for babies, from the Thai brand Madame Heng. Thai brand Madame Heng was established in 1949 and has established itself as a manufacturer of non-medical means for based on natural ingredients for skin care. Formula Tha..
Camphor soap without sulfates Merry Bell Madame Heng - TV001532
Camphor soap without sulfates Merry Bell, containing a part of China's 0.4% camphor, coconut oil, lemongrass oil, menthol and eucalyptus oil from the Thai brand Madame Heng. Thai brand Madame Heng was established in 1949 and has established itself as a manufacturer of non-medical means for ba..
Liquid collagen with seaweed Madame Heng Collagen Blue Ozean - TV001776
The first wrinkle? The skin becomes not as elastic as before? Natural collagen – that's what she needs right now! Combined with seaweed, he becomes a secret weapon for the return of the young and healthy skin. Eliminates the loss of Mature skin, tightens, moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles and expr..
Seaweed soap Madame Heng Collagen Blue Ozean - TV001775
Soap with an extract of marine algae eliminates loss of moisture to Mature skin, smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, tightens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Smoothes the seams of the plastic surgery that tightens pores, smoothes scars. The composition of this wonderful soap is disti..
Thai orange soap Madame Heng - TV001559
Orange soap from the legendary company Madame Heng, which has more than 60 years produces soaps of the highest quality with exceptional natural composition. Orange soap Madam Heng has a light citrus aroma, deep cleanses the skin and at the same time caring for her. Madame Heng soap compos..
Thai Soap Madame Heng «Adventure» - TV001560
Thai soap from famous companies Madame Heng. ..