Link exchange with the online store "Thai Voyage"

The Internet shop "Thai Voyage" offers interested persons the exchange of banners on the following conditions:

  • The exchange of banners is completely free.
  • You place one of the variants of the banner of the Internet shop "Thai voyage" on your website, we place your banner on your resource
  • The program for the exchange of banners accepts sites older than one year and with a attendance of 1000 people per day.
  • If you have expressed a desire to become our partner, write to us and we will send you our banner of the appropriate size for your website.
  • You place our banner on the page of your resource and send us a link where you posted the banner and the web of the store "Thai Voyage" your banner. The administrator is acquainted with the subject of your resource and checks the presence of our banner on the link sent by you, and then sets your banner on our resource. 
  • The Internet shop "Thai Voyage" places partner banners on the page "Our partners" on the website of the online store "Thai Voyage".
  • The administrator of the online store "Thai Voyage" has the right to refuse to install your banner on our resource without explaining the reasons. If you can not install your banner on our site, you will be notified by E-mail.
  • The length of the placement of mutual banners on our pages is unlimited and depends on our mutual consent.
  • If you want to remove or move our banner, please inform us about your decision to us by E-mail.
  • The administrator of the online store "Thai Voyage" at its discretion conducts a monthly inspection of your site for the presence of our banner on it, in case of its absence at the specified address, your banner is removed from our resource.


We hope that cooperation in the promotion of our resources, we will be mutually beneficial. If you want to cooperate with our company, please contact us .

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