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Collagen Eye Patches c 24k active gold - TV000968
Nutrients and hydrolyzed collagen have an extraordinary ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Result achieved within 20-30 minutes. The skin around the eyes is tightened, there is a visible lifting effect, compensated by a lack of collagen in the skin. If you constantly care fo..
Mask nose with 24k active gold - TV001014
Mask nose cleans pores, deeply penetrating into them, removes blackheads, pimples, inflammation, any contaminants, removes excess fat on the sides of the nose, reduces pores.   Usage: on a clean, steamed out skin uniformly apply the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Shoot, when the mask is ..
Moisturizing hand cream with stem cells snails - TV001094
Cream intensely moisturizes skin, protects, gives even color the skin, softens and nourishes the beneficial trace elements. ..
The patches for cellulite thighs and buttocks Mymi Wonder Patch - TV001106
High-performance patch to deal with excess fat deposits in the buttocks area, thighs, calves, arms. It contains active ingredients cleaving fat cells. Contains an effective complex that controls and eliminates the accumulation of fat in fat cells, preventing the formation of free fatty acids, rem..
The patches for weight loss "flat tummy» Mymi Wonder Patch - TV001107
To your attention another Thai tool for weight loss, affects its high efficiency - patches "flat tummy". Now you can quickly lose weight and reduce waist 4-7 cm, while making little effort! However, to achieve this result you need to complete a full course for fifteen days. To do this you will ne..
Colored contact lenses for the eyes - TV001215
Colored contact lenses monthly replacement suitable for light and dark eyes. It's a thin hydrogel lens with a good indicator of water content - 42%. Basic parameters color contact lenses: - replacement frequency – 1 time per month; for daily wear; without diopters; - water content - 42%..
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Nourishing cream for dry skin with horse oil Guerisson 9 complex - TV001638
South Korean high-quality nourishing cream for comprehensive care for dry skin, especially during the cold time of the year based on natural horse oil. Super nourishing cream quality professional packaging helps to solve all the problems of dry, irritated and chapped skin, cream Guerisson 9 c..
Plasters Slimming abdomen, arms and chin Mymi Wonder Patch - TV001169
The patch for weight loss designed to meet the anatomical features of the human body, easy to use, safe and effective in the fight for a beautiful body. Using a cosmetic patch for weight loss, you will see the result: the hips will become smooth, hand - slim and belly - flat. The structure of the..