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« Здравствуйте! Посылку получила спасибо за подарок и качественное обслуживание. ..»

2017-06-20 15:17:25

Aleksander ()
« Посылку получил. Всё ОК! До Каменска - Уральского за 17 дней (ECONOMY AIR). Спасибо за весточку и..»

2017-06-20 06:21:11

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Dear customers!

In this article we will help you to choose the desired item on our website and make prompt payment directly from the site.
So, you went to the home page site internet shop "Thai Voyage" at

         - Choose the desired currency. On our site you can choose from the following currencies: THB, USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, EUR, RUR, KZT in the header:

How to make an order in the online store

        Then you - you choose the desired item from the shop range. Click "Buy" and you receive the goods in a basket:

How to make an order in the online store


          If the goods have a choice assortment of goods opens the card, where you will need to select the desired range of the product and its surprising number of:

How to make an order in the online store            

            - You choose the required range of products, such as volume, color, size, etc .;.

            - Put the quantity you need and click "Buy."
  So you can do with all the goods you like. They are automatically added to your order and displayed in your shopping cart.
  After you select the necessary goods, you can always see the shipping cost of your order, for this you need to:
             - Go to the cart by clicking the "View Cart"

How to make an order in the online store


             - Specify the destination country, region, postal code, click "find out the prices." So you find shipping cost in your region.

How to make an order in the online store

    In the window that opens, select the most suitable type of delivery and you click "APPLY delivery."

How to make an order in the online store

 You can then continue shopping or go to the payment.
 When you have finished shopping:
       - You go in the basket;
       - Check the accuracy of the selected items, add or remove items, increase or decrease the amount of goods ordered one species.
      - Click on the "Checkout" button.

How to make an order in the online store

     - Enter coupon code if you have it.

How to make an order in the online store

      - Choose whether or not you need to register on the site, click "YES" or "NO".

      - Carefully fill out all the fields listed below, click "NEXT".

How to make an order in the online store

Choose the desired type of delivery and click "GO".

How to make an order in the online store

Then choose a suitable for your payment method and click "GO".

How to make an order in the online store

Next there is a contract-offer. Click on "GO" button, you agree to the terms of this agreement:

How to make an order in the online store

And move on to the final part of an order, which verify the correctness of the data filled in by you.
If something is incorrect or you have decided to change things, at this stage, you can return by clicking "Back" and correct the data or change the delivery method and payment. When you are satisfied, click on the "CONFIRMATION OF ORDER".

How to make an order in the online store

  When you went to the order confirmation back to return it can not be, because all your data is lost and the basket is empty. And you would have to collect the goods in the shopping cart and checkout process again.

How to make an order in the online store

     By clicking on the "ORDER CONFIRMATION" You go to pay for the order in your chosen system after successful payment of your order, you will receive a letter about the payments and the status of your order. All payment systems charge a percentage for their services.

       After receiving payment, your order will be collected and sent to you. You will receive a notification with the sending track number to track its location and send pictures. By number sending You can track the movement of your order on the official website of Thailand-mail address, website address of their country, as well as on our website.
          If you have any difficulty in placing an order, you can always dial us on Skype, email or write to the module via the Online support on the website and we will gladly help you to order.
Have a pleasant shopping!

Frequently asked Questions:


1) Is it possible to pay for your order at the post office on delivery (COD)?
Unfortunately no. We are located in Thailand, and international parcel service cash on delivery not possible to make.
2) What are the types of delivery in my country? And how do you know the cost of delivery of my order?
You can choose from the following delivery methods when ordering the goods in our store - airmail, surface mail or EMS express delivery.
Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout based on the weight of the ordered goods. The weight of your order you can see, adding products to cart order, then click on "View Cart" and select the "Estimation of cost of delivery and tax collection."
3) How will I know that you have sent my order?
On the day of departure of your order to your e-mail arrives:
- Notification of order administration,
- Photo parcels
- Tracking number (registration code for your parcel), where you can track the movement of postal items over the Internet, both from the Thai-mail and on the website address his country.
4) Does the products presented in your online store, a quality certificate? Where do these products?
All products featured in the catalog of our online shop, have Thai certificates. Many of the items have an additional and international GMP certificate.
5) Interested shelf life for products of your store?
Shelf life of products is generally 1-2 years, and indicated on the label by the manufacturer.
Often on Thai goods you can see what is the shelf life on the chronology accepted in Thailand.
For example, in 2014 - 2557 is in Thailand (forward 543 years).



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