• Natural Noni juice Otop - TV001009

Natural Noni juice Otop - TV001009

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Morinda citrifolia - tree where the noni fruit growing. Although the fruit is not too pretty in appearance, but the beneficial properties simply can not fail to please. Natural noni juice OTOP - that will fully recover from a serious illness or strengthen the immune system so that will not be afraid of any viruses.
The composition of natural juice contains vitamins (groups E, B, C), alpha and beta carotene and minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K, Ph), a large number of amino acids (glutamic and aspartic acid, proline, glycine, valine, terozin, cystine and others). There does not contain additional additives, dyes, preservatives.
When you can, and you need to drink natural noni juice?
• The problems of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcer disease). Having systematically noni, and thus saturating your body as nutrients, restores and normalizes the intestinal flora, harmful bacteria are destroyed. The body begins to be cleaned of toxins.
• nervousness, unstable state (some women have with the onset of menopause and PMS), noni helps to gain balance. Calming effect and you stop so poignantly perceived problems.
• Chronic fatigue noni acts on the body as doping. Taking constant natural juice, it will bring greater vigor than coffee, which is addictive. It improves concentration, activity.
• In old age, chronic diseases increase, and for many years the body of any person "gets used" to drugs, which takes more than a dozen years. Noni juice will increase the effect of medicines, will resume ability to respond to useful drugs as before. Thus, you'll go to the amendment sooner.
• At the first appearance of wrinkles oxidants contained in the juice helps to make the skin more smooth and elastic.
• Research also showed positive results in the application of noni during cancer, fungal diseases, viral infections.
• If the pressure is constantly rising, the noni juice helps lower blood pressure to bring it back to normal.
How to apply?
Inside. Juice should not take half an hour before the first meal or after 2-3 hours. If you want to make juice for the prevention and strengthen the body, then the children can drink 15 ml, adults - at 30. Drink in the morning. If you struggle with chronic illness, it is pleased to take 2 a day for 30 minutes to 30 ml of food. It is recommended to undergo a course twice a year for the general strengthening of the immune system.
Combining whether with drugs?
Yes, you can. Natural noni juice will only strengthen their action, thus will recover faster.
Are there any contraindications?
Yes. Individual intolerance to the drug during pregnancy and lactation.
How and where to store?
Since the juice is bottled in plastic bottles, get dry for her, cool place, where no light falls. Once open, store it for one month at a temperature of 2-4 degrees.
1000 ml.
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