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  • Noni capsules Abhaibhubejhr (general tonic) - TV000239

Noni capsules Abhaibhubejhr (general tonic) - TV000239

  • Brand: Abhaibhubejhr
  • Product Code: 2949-01
  • Vendor code: TV000239
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150 THB
We offer to buy noni capsules - natural vitamins for your body. Noni - a green tree that loves hot climate. It grows in the tropics. It is extremely rare and very useful plant. In our corner of the noni I heard a few people, because its appearance is not very attractive (advertising with him would not bring profit). But true connoisseurs, the people of Thailand and Cambodia, know that with the help of noni can cope with many diseases, strengthen the protective properties of the body and rejuvenate.
Vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds - a treasure may be in one capsule Indian Mulberry. As "working" noni capsules?
• Strengthened stimulation of the heart muscle.
• effect on bacteria.
• Reduces inflammation.
• Combats accelerated with various viral diseases (integrated with your medication prescribed by a doctor).
• normalizes metabolic processes.
• Excellent prevention of cancer.
• If you use fatigue noni capsules and feel almost immediately, that your body comes to tone, vitality renewed, and you are ready to continue on its way.
This is not all the advantages, but most of noni capsules decide to start taking people who suffer from high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns, wanton mood swings (including - depression), chronic fatigue, headaches and joint pain, menstrual cramps, gastrointestinal diseases -kishechnogo tract (ulcers, cramps, disorders, gastritis).
Contraindications for this drug - only idiosyncrasy. During pregnancy and lactation, it is better to consult a doctor. Perhaps use may have a negative impact on your body and the baby.
Buy Noni capsules (Indian mulberry) can we, in the online store "Thai Voyage". Take 2-4 pieces after each main meal three times a day.
Registration number: G676 / 45.
The package - 70 capsules.

Packing Quantity (pcs) 70 capsules

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