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Daily routine draws us, and in the morning it seems that not even have the strength to rise. How to increase immunity?
Invigorates the body should be from the inside! Medical tincture in vodka Tau Chu Chang - something that will help to restore the active energy by acting on the immune system. "The old man could lift an elephant" - that sounds a Thai name tinctures. Proof of this phrase is the action that happens to the body after the regular use of medicinal tinctures. The set includes 70 plants and tree bark, which have healing properties. Thanks to them, the healing balm has a positive effect on:
- Your immunity. Even if you have found the first signs of a cold, overcooled, with the help of tincture you will warm the body, expelling bacteria and viruses.
- Appetite, which is improving, which helps replenish the body's energy reserves.
- Acceleration of metabolic processes.
- The nervous system that promotes sound sleep and insomnia absence.
- Potency (increased libido).
- Recovery of the body after surgery or illness
How to make healing tincture in vodka?
• Fill the contents of the package 4 liters of vodka, add 4 tbsp. spoon of honey (of a set), give it brew for 7-10 days.
• After the infusion is used by 50 grams daily before meals.
• Drinking healing tincture overnight, you relax and easily immersed in the rest.
• If you do not want to use the vodka, it is possible to make a decoction of herbs: wood collection pour 2-3 liters of water, boil for 5-10 minutes. Apply 200 ml to food twice a day.
500 gr.
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