• Therapeutic infusion of Javanese turmeric for women's health - TV001766

Therapeutic infusion of Javanese turmeric for women's health - TV001766

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Turmeric is a word familiar to many. Many the word is synonymous with delicious food, but not many people know that there are species of turmeric, which not only improve the taste of food, but also heals and strengthens the female organism. Javanese turmeric or Curcuma Xanthorrhiza is not just a spice, it is health and wellbeing!
Javanese turmeric also contains essential oil, cinnamic aldehyde and starch. The root of the particular rich carbohydrates, which have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, including hepatitis B and C). Widely used in the complex preparations for the treatment of abdominal pains (stomach), liver disease.
Javanese turmeric root is a favorite of Asian women. Ingestion Javanese turmeric promotes rapid recovery of the body after childbirth, increases lactation, improves quality of milk, relieves pain syndromes, has antibacterial properties, prevents inflammation, is used in diseases of the ovaries, adhesions, leucorrhoea and fungal infections, mastitis, fibroids and fibroids, and also at infringement of function of a thyroid gland. Improves condition of the breast, tightens the muscles and makes it more elastic, improves complexion. Also used to correct uterine prolapse (strengthens muscles), pain and inflammation, prolapse of the rectum. In addition, it was noted that Javanese turmeric inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Use: 1-2 tablespoons before meals 3 times a day.
Contraindications: do not take during pregnancy.

150 ml.

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