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Capsules Ya Ra Bai - for weight reduction and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract (Herbal laxative capsule) Kongka Herb

Manufacturer: Kongka Herb
Product code: 3693-01
Vendor code: TV000983
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Price: 5.24USD
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I Ra Bai Capsules - is a drug for weight reduction and normalization of bowel function. It is used to cleanse the body of toxins and as the prevention of bowel problems and overweight.
Cassia Senna Alexandrina - a tropical perennial shrub. Cassia is growing in Asia, India, Africa and Arabia. In Thailand, Cassius is traditionally used to prepare drugs, bowel cleansing. Unlike other drugs, Ya Ra Bai acts very gently, painlessly, without twisting and pulling pain. Additionally, I Ra Bai helps to organize the work of a sluggish bowel, when the intestines are not working regularly, constantly happen constipation.
Also, I am Ra Bai Capsules is recommended to take for weight loss, especially for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis and other diseases).
Cassia leaves have laxative properties, improve motor function of the intestine, especially the colon. With prolonged use of Cassia has no toxic effect on the body, does not cause constipation subsequent acts gently, painlessly and slowly, so drugs Cassia encouraged to take at night. Cassius use for chronic and habitual constipation, before surgery, when post-operative intestinal atony, hemorrhoids and anal fissures, diseases of the liver and gallbladder.
Registration number: G610 / 2545.
Usage: 2-4 capsules before bedtime.
The course of treatment sluggish bowel - 100 caps. 1 capsule 2 times a day.
In emergency situations (for constipation) take 3-5 capsules as needed.
For weight loss take 2-3 capsules after meals two times a day.
In the package of 100 capsules.
Composition of the product Bridelia ovate leaves 18.18 gr; Terminalia chebula fruits 9.09 gr; Phylianthus emblica fruits 9.09 gr; Senna alexandrina leaves 9.09 gr; Magnesium sulphate 9.09 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 100 capsules

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