• Capsules Jiaougulan Kongka Herb is a General tonic - TV000996

Capsules Jiaougulan Kongka Herb is a General tonic - TV000996

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Capsules "Jiaogulan" - created from a special herb that is able to rejuvenate and strengthen the body as a whole. In the first place, capsules relieve stress, reduced blood pressure, the heart work is stabilized, and also lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Due to the direct effect on coronary and other vessels the risk of stroke and heart attack will drop to a minimum, and the treatment of hepatitis B and liver recovery is now very real. Regular intake of tonic beneficial effect on the skin and hair.
Natural Capsules Jiaougulan trigger brain activity, improve memory, raise the level of intelligence, as well as oxygen to the human body. It is especially effective for people with weak immune systems, and for those who do not move due to congenital or acquired pathological fatigue. Now, many will finally be able to feel a surge of strength and energy, another chance and the desire to live will become for you a new spark of hope.
We advise to take restorative capsules in the morning before eating, after which you will be able to feel the burst of energy for the whole day. The jar exactly 100 capsules per day to take no more than 2 pieces.
As part of the capsule shells contain Jiaogulan, Reishi Mushroom particles and Altai Ginseng - this is the most useful natural ingredients today the ingredients for the human body.
This drug as tonic Jiaogulan capsules with an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant is very useful in diseases of diabetes and asthma. The drug has no dyes or synthetic additives, just natural ingredients that are on the molecular composition enrich and accelerate all organic processes.
Buy a general tonic for the body can be in our specialty store "Thai Voyage," where there is the most necessary drugs to improve your life potential.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 100

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