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Female vaginal stick / balls Super Grip Original Madura Sticks - TV000390

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240 THB

The product of Your choice: 
- Wand (1 pcs.);
- Balls (pack of 20-25 balls).
Dear women! Online store "Thai Voyage" is glad to represent medical women's wand Super Grip Original Madura Sticks is a natural preventative means by which every woman can feel for maximum adequacy in their sexual relations. Herbal female wand Madura is shaped like a cigar, twisted from the healing roots of Indonesian Mountain peaks.
For many years women all over the world were looking for answers to their questions – how to be always loved and cherished. The decision was very close - a herbal female wand, very quickly turned the stereotypes of intimate life. After the first trial use, You will feel significantly sensitive to the reduction of the walls of the uterus, and in that moment starts the stabilization of the reproductive system.
How does it happen? With the introduction into the vagina of the molecular component of women's sticks is beginning to stimulate, disinfect and cut the uterine wall, thus, eliminating the discomfort and increased excretory processes. And also, this current drug is able to cure yeast infection, ovarian inflammation, cervical erosion, various women's diseases, relieves back pain, and also stabilizes the passage of bleeding after a difficult birth.
With this therapeutic women's sticks, not to mention difficult critical days, in a bad mood, your failures in the sexual life of the past. Start your future with new emotions and exciting fantasies with the female stick Madura, it is time to start living in the present, live for yourself.
Tips for applying therapeutic women's sticks.
1. Lubricate the shaft of the medical sticks with special grease and slow motion enter three centimeters into the vagina, a little scrolling and a massaging action within two minutes.
2. To minimize abundant contraction of the muscular structure of the vagina and the appearance of difficulties during sexual intercourse, the preparatory massage should not delay more than two minutes.
3. After this procedure, don't forget to wash the surface of the stick clean with warm water, then dry cloth and put back into the same box. Keep dry from the damp place until next desires to use it.
4. To apply for the hour before each scheduled sexual intercourse.
5. It is recommended to use not more often than once in four days.
The constituents of medicinal herbal sticks.
- Pearl powder detoxifies and soothes irritation.
- Borneol decreases blood pressure, has the effect of purification, useful in the treatment of skin problems, improves blood circulation, thereby giving strength and vigor to the whole body.
- The root of the mountains Madura – heats the walls of the uterus, thereby increasing erogenous sensitivity several times.
- Powdered alum – removes unpleasant smell, because of its ability deodorant.
What is important to know?
Female stick Madura should not be used during pregnancy, when chastity (not logical) or during the month of the calendar cycle, the rest can enjoy its divine possibilities.
This Super Stick is very fragile and only subhyaline destination. With it You will solve the problem of female diseases such as cervical erosion, inflammation of the ovaries and Your sex life will become, the same blooming like nature itself Indonesia.
Order women's wand Super Grip Original Madura Sticks You can have in the online store "Thai Voyage".
Female vaginal balls with reducing and purifying action, vaginal analogue sticks for women Madura.
Herbal balls for narrowing reduces muscle (the "virginity"), thereby stimulating bright orgasm as men and women, improve the sexual life of the partners, is particularly evident when cooling action of partners in sex, in couples with a great experience. 
Application: carefully enter one ball into the vagina, then there is a contraction, which will last for several days. The ball dissolves completely in.
Contraindications: do not use the beads during pregnancy, virgins, and also in the menstrual period and in the period of acute diseases of the urinary organs. 
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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