• Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3 capsules Mega We Care - TV001562

Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3 capsules Mega We Care - TV001562

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Calcium in liquid form vitamin D3 instantly absorbed by the intestinal wall and much better absorbed by the body and rapidly than any kinds of calcium as a solid.
Calcium - it is difficult soluble mineral. It is poorly soluble in water, so it is poorly absorbed by the body. Scientists have found a way pharmacists - liquid form of calcium in the soft capsule. The capsule dissolves immediately, calcium enters the body gradually assimilating the body instantly.
Vitamin D is involved in the regulation of reproductive organs and tissue cells, regulates metabolic processes in the body stimulates the synthesis of a number of hormones, it plays an important role in maintaining the activity of the cardiovascular system, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract. vitamin D metabolites regulate the transport of calcium in the body, exerting an important influence on the formation and maintenance of bone tissue.
Vitamin D also facilitates assimilation of phosphorus and calcium by the human body, their delivery in bone and teeth. It also prevents the formation of dental caries and gum abnormalities, helps fight osteoporosis, accelerates the healing of fractures.
Calcium is an essential element within the composition of bones and teeth. Leaching and calcium deficiency in the body leads to osteoporosis, fractures, this is especially true for adults and elderly people, especially for women during pregnancy and menopause.
Lack of calcium in the body leads not only to the emergence of a series of various diseases, but also violates the full operation of the entire body in any age group of people, from children to the elderly.
This product is indispensable in times of rehabilitation after bone fractures, arthritis treatment, arthritis and other lesions of the musculoskeletal and articular apparatus. It contributes to the rapid recovery of the body of the woman after childbirth.
Beneficial effect on preservation of the teeth, calcium improves the structure of hair, improves heart function and controls blood sugar levels.
It is noted that during reception of capsules with liquid calcium reduced blood pressure, increased blood platelet levels, improved sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome removed.
Liquid Calcium strengthens the nervous system, regulates the digestive tract.
Liquid calcium is recommended for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding, teenagers in the period of active growth, and all to the elderly for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.
In many cases, the human body is able to absorb calcium from cow milk and other dairy products.
But there are people who can not drink milk (they observed the intestinal bloating and discomfort they experience). Such people need to be sure to periodically take the capsules with liquid calcium.
Indications for use:
- Lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body;
- The weakening of bone, muscle and nerve tissue;
- Osteoporosis;
- Increased arterial blood pressure;
- Increased cholesterol levels in the blood;
- Cardiac arrhythmia;
- Diabetes;
- Low blood clotting;
- Vascular dystonia;
- Chronic fatigue syndrome;
- Addicted to coffee (coffee leaches calcium from the body);
- Bad habits (cigarettes, alcohol);
- Lack of regular physical activity.
Application: take each day one capsule, preferably with meals.
It contains no preservatives, chlorinated solvents, dyes or flavors.
The drug has FDA quality certificate (Federal Agency for Supervision of quality pharmaceuticals and food).
- Do not assign calcium supplements with hyperparathyroidism. This disease is caused by excessive production of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Usually hyperparathyroidism observed in adenoma (tumor) of these glands. Excess PTH mobilizes calcium contained in bones, increases in blood levels and reduced levels of phosphorus. The result is a softening of the bones and fractures, in addition the situation is complicated by the deposition of calcium in the internal organs, including - formation of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.
- It is not recommended to assign long-term and in high doses, calcium supplements for constipation and flatulence, as well as hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria (high calcium in the blood or urine). In patients with small hypercalciuria, with mild to moderate renal impairment, as well as the presence of indications of a history of urolithiasis require regular monitoring of calcium excretion in the urine. If necessary, reduce the dose or cancel it. In patients with a tendency to form stones in the urinary tract is recommended to increase fluid intake.
- Severe hypercalciuria and severe renal impairment is a contraindication to receiving calcium.
Composition of the product Calcium carbonate - 1500 mg; Containing calcium - 600 mg; Vitamin D3 - 0,2 mg.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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