• Capsules Lingzhi Thanyaporn fortifying agent - TV000412

Capsules Lingzhi Thanyaporn fortifying agent - TV000412

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The second name of the fungus Ganoderma - immortality. His associate, many centuries ago, with such effect, said that eating this mushroom body younger, it becomes easier, and old age comes much later. Now, in our time, in order to prove this hypothesis, the series of studies have been conducted that have shown that the fungus Ganoderma:
1. It contains a huge amount of drugs (proteins, amino acids, polypeptides, vital minerals and vitamins).
2. Improves immunity instantly thanks to its bioenergetic properties.
3. Rebounding after hormonal changes in the body.
4. On the central nervous system of the fungus has a calming effect.
5. Can be used for colds and viral diseases as an expectorant.
6. The aging process actually occurs later, since taking this drug, the body rejuvenates from the inside. Improve internal systems - cardio vascular system and digestive tract.
7. It helps the body to recover after a long illness, fighting germs, bacteria and viruses, relieves pain. It can serve as prevention of any viral disease.
8. Many scientists have confirmed the fact that it is the fungus Ganoderma suspends development of oncology. Suppressed tumor center, further reducing the likelihood of metastasis.
These features - not all that can be obtained by taking the capsules with Lingzhi fungus. This drug is widely distributed among allergy sufferers, who are suffering from bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis. Eating regularly mushroom capsules, you can rid yourself of negative allergic reactions.
Despite all the positive characteristics, the fungus Ganoderma contraindicated gipotonikam (people with low blood pressure), on the contrary, he used hypertensive to lower high blood pressure. People who have idiosyncrasy - is not recommended. During dose used pregnancy and lactation reduced from the standard, but still worth discussing details with the leading doctor.
Buy capsules Lingzhi fungus can we, in the online store Thai Voyage. Eat capsules 2 pcs 3 times a day before each meal. In a jar - 100 caps. The system is not intermittent course lasts about 3-4 weeks. During this time, the fungus Ganoderma strengthen your immune system, help to cope with diseases of the respiratory tract, and just to cleanse the body.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 100 capsules

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