• Thai ointment with menthol against colds Tiffyrub - TV001793

Thai ointment with menthol against colds Tiffyrub - TV001793

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Surely each of us wants to quickly rise to his feet, getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu. Using a unique Thai ointments for colds Tiffyrub to his feet quickly, even without medical treatment. Natural ingredients the ointment help for a short period of time to get rid of sore throat and nasal congestion.
The ointment warms up without causing burning and discomfort because of its softness it is suitable even for delicate baby skin! This product is well-established, will find application in any family, becoming a real salvation from the "seasonal" problems, helping to prevent the disease and alleviate the condition!
The ointment is gentle on the skin, which is why it can be used even for children. Natural oils help to strengthen weakened by a cold the immune system and to quickly cope with the disease.
Main ingredients: camphor, eucalyptus, nutmeg, menthol
Camphor – has a strong antiseptic effect. No wonder the camphor oil is widely used in medicine, in particular to preparations intended for the treatment of cold symptoms. Minerals oils can in a short time, and most importantly without harm to the body to cope with cough and relieve inflammation in the throat.
Eucalyptus – healing properties known since time immemorial. In the leaves of eucalyptus contain components that possess strong anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antibacterial, antipyretic, antispasmodic, antiviral, diaphoretic and analgesic properties.
Essential oil and eucalyptus leaves are able not only to relieve the symptoms of colds, but also to eliminate the causes of them.
Nutmeg – strengthens weakened by a cold protective functions of the body, eliminates visible signs of a cold.
Menthol – one of the most effective components of the drug have the ability to reduce cough by acting on the receptors of the nose and throat.
Application: massage movements applied to the neck, chest or back, wrapped in a woolen blanket or shawl to enhance the warming effect. Can be applied to the wings of the nose when cold. To apply the ointment regularly to the disappearance of the signs of a cold.

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