• Traditional Thai balm Zam-Buk from insect bites, herpes and rash - TV001811

Traditional Thai balm Zam-Buk from insect bites, herpes and rash - TV001811

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Balm Zam-Buk from Thailand has a very broad scope of application – if You have lost, You are injured, You got back or got a bruise and the bruise – balm Zam-Bak will do a great job with all tasks.
Especially convenient and effective balm Zam-Buk as a remedy after insect bites: mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies or ants is enough to put the balm in a thin layer on the bite. The ointment when applied neutralizes the insect venom, numb, relieve swelling and inflammation, eliminate itching.
Balm Zam-Buk is applied with the following problems:
- Insect bites;
A lot of pimples;
- Bruises;
- Bruising (including varicose);
- Cuts;
- Itching on the skin;
Fungal diseases of the skin;
- Acne;
- Purulent inflammation of the skin;
- Dermatitis;
- Eczema;
- Scabies;
- Seborrhea;
- Head lice;
- Muscle and joint pain;
- Rheumatic pains;
- Neuritis;
- Myositis.
Ointment quickly and effectively neutralizes the effect of poison and its further distribution, antiseptic, analgesic effect.
When the mosquito bites a single application. Through the bites of black flies only two or three applications on the affected area.
Application: apply small amount of ointment on the bite, RUB with light massage motions with your finger tips. Suitable for sensitive skin. Suitable for children of any age, for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Composition of the product Eucalyptus Oil – 5,48 %; Camphor – 1,76%.
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