• Cream Retin-A Cream against acne and pigmentation - TV001869

Cream Retin-A Cream against acne and pigmentation - TV001869

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Face cream against acne and pigmentation Retin-A.The best remedy, therapeutic cream 0.025% TRANS-retinoic acid for topical treatment of acne, eliminate irregularities of the facial skin, age spots, wrinkles and photo-aging.

Cream Retin-A causes an update of the top layer of skin cells, reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin, dissolves sebaceous plugs in skin pores, eliminates blackheads, has a peeling effect, evens tone and skin texture.Also a cream Retin-A is used to freshen facial skin, remove wrinkles and signs of aging – TRANS retinoic acid in the cream stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and reduces moisture loss of skin cells.

Effects after using medicated cream Retin-A:

- Cleansing and pore narrowing;Cessation of appearance of new pimples on the skin;

- Reducing or completely eliminating age spots;

- Reducing the depth of wrinkles, giving the skin a fresher, youthful look;

- The facial skin becomes more soft, supple and elastic.

Application: to wash, to cleanse your face and wipe dry, wait 20 minutes – this is necessary because the use of a cream containing retinoic acid, on barely damp skin, causes skin irritation. The cream is applied in a very thin layer (extruded amount of cream from the tube on the face is approximately the pea) to clean, dry skin 1 once a day before bedtime. After applying possible redness, peeling, tingling. Cream Retin-A is applied for 1-6 hours, after which it need rinse with water. It is recommended that at the beginning of treatment to apply the cream Retin-A is only 30 minutes, gradually increasing the time of exposure. Treatment against acne for about 4-6 weeks, the course for the purposes of rejuvenating skin cream is from 6-8 weeks. As a preventive measure, you can use a cream Retin-A 1-3 times a week for a long time. While applying the cream Retin-A protect the skin from the sun. The cream cannot be applied during pregnancy and lactation.

10 gr.

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