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  • Anesthetic warming cream Muay Thai  - TV000145

Anesthetic warming cream Muay Thai - TV000145

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  • Vendor code: TV000145
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Catching up on sports, athletes, no matter how they were preparing, periodically get bruises, sprains, injuries. The resulting injury swelling and pain are the result of destruction of small blood vessels, tissue hypoxia and increased capillary permeability. This worsens blood circulation and regeneration (recovery) of tissues.
Thai ointment analgesic effect of "Nam-Man Muay Thai boxing" is used by professional fighters:
before fights and workouts, to warm up the joints, ligaments and prevent serious injuries, the preparation for the fight percussion parts of the body, particularly the tibia periosteum.
After the fights and training, to speed up the recovery of muscles and tissue after heavy loads. Kicked out lactic acid from the muscles.
After physical exertion in your muscles accumulate large amounts of lactic acid, which has a detrimental effect on your physical condition. If you want to always be in the form, be sure to use this ointment. It is used as a means of warming up the muscles before and after exercise to alleviate the consequences after the unexpected injury.
It relieves muscular, arthritic and rheumatic pain, and the pain of sprains. Scope of this wonderful ointment is not limited to the field of sport, it can use all of the people who are engaged in heavy physical labor.
Application: squeeze the palm a small amount of ointment and gentle movements to rub in a selected area of ​​the muscles.
Application: abdominal muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, buttocks muscles, chest muscles, calf muscles, trapeze muscles, waist, arms, muscles, etc.
Contraindications: Avoid contact with face, eyes, nose and mouth. If this happens - immediately rinse with plenty of water.
Composition of the product methyl salicylate - 10.20%; menthol - 5.44%; eugenol - 1.36%.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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