• Oil for sport Muay Thai boxing - TV000146

Oil for sport Muay Thai boxing - TV000146

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Many men your life can not be imagined without the sport. In Thailand - a Thai boxing that shows the nature and desire. By studying the sport, watching the athletes for their injuries and sprains, in ancient Thailand, we invented a remedy that reduces pain.
Today, it is Nam-Man Muay Thai boxing - oil that warms up the joints and tendons. Our online shop offers Thai Voyage use oil to training, and then:
1. Preheat the certain muscle groups to which a specific training would focus.
2. reduces the risk of sprains, injury, bruise, or contusion.
3. The blood begins to circulate more quickly, and the muscles, through this process, preparing for action.
4. Increased burst of energy and strength.
You can also use the oil after exercise, if you have:
1. Pain in muscles, joints, tendons.
2. Unforeseen sports injuries.
3. sprain.
4. Rheumatic pain.
5. Inflammation of the joints.
Who uses the Thai oil? Thanks to its emollient and analgesic properties, and oil has gained popularity among athletes in such sports:
Light and heavy lifting
And just among gym enthusiasts
How to use We-man Muay Thai boxing: Shake the bottle, apply a little oil on the palm and then rub in those muscle groups that will be most involved. It is advisable to do this before each workout, your muscles are easier to carry the load. In addition, while decreases the probability of getting a variety of injuries and sprains. Use externally! Children under 8 years of age are not allowed to apply oil.
Which muscles can be applied?
The oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen, buttock, thoracic, lumbar, arms and legs muscles.
Buy heats the oil-man sport We are Muay Thai boxing in Thailand can be from us, the online shop Thai Voyage. And no injury will not bother you! Sport in the fun!
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