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  • Medical oil mangosteen Abhaibhubejhr - TV000056

Medical oil mangosteen Abhaibhubejhr - TV000056

  • Brand: Abhaibhubejhr
  • Product Code: 2766-01
  • Vendor code: TV000056
  • Availability: In Stock
90 THB
Mangosteen healing oil company Abhaibhubejhr-a completely natural product that does not cause allergies. Good antibacterial anti-inflammatory agent used in the treatment of various types of inflammatory and allergic dermatitis, helps to remove pimples and boils. Medicinal oil with extract of mangosteen peel extract promotes rapid healing of wounds, scratches, cuts, burns and reducing itching on the body. Antioxidant and antiseptic mangosteen oil perfectly stimulates blood circulation.
In our store "Thai Voyage" you can buy mangosteen medicinal oil at an inexpensive price. This useful and will replace You with iodine or brilliant green, which usually burn the skin and leave a visible trace, which is especially not very nice for children's delicate skin. The drug will serve as the number one drug in your home medicine Cabinet, and more, which is convenient, a small jar will not take up much space on the shelf with medicines. Especially suitable for teenagers who have problems with acne and rashes.
How to remove pimples? Very simply! The oil is intended for external use. It is necessary to apply a few drops point movements on the affected area of the skin, where there are pimples, wounds, rash, is also good to apply oil to dry cracked lips. Allow to soak. You can add to your face cream and use together. Still useful to apply on the nails to soften cuticles. In General, the scope of this product is unlimited.
Due to its efficiency, mangosteen oil is enough for a long period of use, and convenient small package can be taken with you on the road. Buy for yourself a remedy and you will be satisfied with its miraculous properties.
Registration number: G372 / 48.
30 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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