• Green balm for protection against insects - TV001763

Green balm for protection against insects - TV001763

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Herbal balm for mosquito bites with cooling effect (13 gr.):
- Effective as a remedy for insect bites: mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies or ants – just apply a thin layer of balm to the bite. Ointment when applied neutralizes the poison of the insect, anesthetize, relieve swelling and inflammation and eliminate itching;
- Actively repels insects;
- Prevents insect bites;
- Neutralizes the effects of poisons in bites;
- Soothes itching after bites;
- Cools;
- Has a pleasant menthol smell;
- Can also be used for cramps, muscle pain, swelling, rheumatism and other things.
Method of application:
To protect against bites-apply a thin layer of balm on the exposed areas of the body.
To soothe the itching-dot smear the affected areas of the body.
In rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain, it is recommended to smear a painful area of the body and wrap it with a scarf or elastic bandage.
If the balm gets on the mucosa, rinse thoroughly with plenty of running water.

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