• Crocodile Black Thai balm - TV001762

Crocodile Black Thai balm - TV001762

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Thai balm is a component of crocodile fat, relieves the pain of arthritis, bruises, low back pain, sciatica, sprains, pain in the spine. This tool is able to eliminate itching, swelling and pain associated with bites of animals, insects.
Crocodiles are long-lived and representatives of the most ancient creatures on our planet. The pedigree of these reptiles has approximately 180 million years. The main reason for such longevity – ability to generate a special substance that is able to protect them from invading germs and various bacteria.
Residents of Australia and Africa have long known the healing properties of this substance, which relieves arthritic pain, heals wounds and increases the mobility of the ligaments.
In addition, Crocodile balm removes bruises, effectively resolves hematomas, has analgesic and relaxing effect. Restores hemodynamics in the legs when problems with blood vessels, improving blood circulation, and in a short time, removing fatigue.
If the healing balm is applied to tired legs, namely the knees and feet, placed in a horizontal position, then after 10 minutes the legs will be light and puffy.
It will happen through recovery and improvement of blood circulation.
Regenerative properties of crocodile fat allow you to quickly heal cracks, wounds, eliminate signs of peeling.
This balm is one of the most powerful balms. The level of sensation is comparable to the black and red salves.
Application: apply small amount of balm to the affected area and gently RUB 2 times a day, morning and evening.

200 gr.

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