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Tea from Thailand

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Everyone is used to drink in the morning strong tea - black, green, red and even white. Drink tones, it gives energy and improves mood. Few people had heard of the Thai tea, because the domestic market is flooded Chinese and Indian. Truth is revealed to tourists who visited Thailand once and tried miraculous and extremely tasty drink.
Common types of Thai tea
Shan Tea - a unique variety, leaving a slight tart aftertaste, pleasant herbal taste and rare for such a drink earthy notes. No harmful fragrances composed, wide leaves in the teapot - a gift of wildlife, natural enzymes processed by Pu Errh technology.
Puer - made from unoxidized green tea maoca of broadleaf Chinese Camellia, which grows in the north of Thailand. Dark rich red color and is incredibly easy, exciting taste - the distinctive features of this species. It may be offered to buyers in loose or pressed form.
Oolong - long thin leaves twisted into small balls, which, when brewed, give the original flavor and taste. The smell of tea can be varied depending on the place of growth. Thai oolong tea - beverage of vivacity and longevity of Chinese. Able to output toxins and waste products that have accumulated in the body for many years.
Blue Thai tea - dried in a special way the clitoris trifoliate leaves (the second name of the plant more romantic - Thai Orchid papilionaceous or pea). The bright blue color after the first brewing fascinates and attracts, gradually dimming with each subsequent.
Thai tea - properties
It is impossible to separate the effects of each type of Thai tea on the body, they are intertwined with each other. Lovely antidepressant converter stress, drink from far Thailand has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system by strengthening capillaries, preventing the occurrence of cholesterol deposits on their thin walls. Returns vision to its former sharpness, saturates the body with vitamins and trace elements necessary for its normal life.
No secret to brewing the Thai tea is not. Take the required amount of welding teaspoons (varies depending on the desired strength) and hot water is poured. Important is hot, but not boiling water.
It allowed some re-infusion, each of which will surprise the different flavors. Optionally, you can put a little sugar or honey, but it is the interpretation of the domestic tea. Enjoy a drink in the morning, so there was a feeling of cheerfulness and charge power for the whole day or night - in order to relaxation and a good night's sleep.