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Thai Fruits

  • 22 November 2014 00:00:00
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     Dear friends! In this article, our online store "Thai Voyage" will tell you about the fruit of Thailand and how they are useful.
Mangosteen or mangosteen. The fruit is a fruit wine red color, the size of a small apple. Mangosteen should be cleaned as follows: cut the deeper and remove the peel. At Mangosteen - sweet, gentle, oilseed and useful pulp with seeds! Mangosteen is considered to be a great treat for the guests. It is rich in many beneficial vitamins. Mangosteen grows in the months from April to September.
Mango. Drink mango mature and immature. A ripe mango sweet and juicy. Unripe mango is well applied to fresh vegetable salads or as snacks for lunch vitamin. Inside a large mango flat bone. Mango is easy to clean - it is necessary to cut the peel from one side of the fetus, then cut the flesh into a bowl, and do the same on the other side. Mango contains nourishing vitamins, beneficial to human health. It helps good work of the digestive system. March - June - the mango season.
Papaya. Vegetables and fruit in one person. It has an elongated oval shape. Inside the stone. Cutting papaya along its length - you can easily remove the seeds. Immature tart - sour papaya is used to prepare a variety of meat dishes and added to salads. It has a "carrot taste" - almost sweet. The flesh is soft - hence the fruit ripe and it can absorb as quite a separate dish. Papaya is very useful for digestion process. Papaya grows year round.
Coconut. Coconuts are grown all year round. Coconuts come in various sizes. Chilled coconut is good to drink in hot weather, it is perfectly quenches thirst. This is the most refreshing and delicious drink.
Durian. Durian - a very large, the size is achieved up to 30 cm and its weight - up to 8 kg! Durian rind kolyuchkoobraznaya. Fruit fruit sweet, a walnut - cheese flavor and the characteristic sweet - putrid smell. It is considered inappropriate to consume durian with alcohol as it increases the pressure. Durian season: from March to August.
Jackfruit. Jackfruit in size is very large, and taste sweet - luscious. His weight is achieved up to 32 kg! Jackfruit is covered pupyrchatoy kind of skin.
The eye of the dragon or Pitahaya. Pitahaya is similar to a large oval apple. The fruit is of two types - white and pink flesh inside. The flesh is soft with fine bones, the taste is slightly sweet, reminiscent of kiwi. For convenience Pitahaya spoonable. Peel - pink. Before use, it is better to be pre-cooled. Pitahaya is useful for thyroid and circulation process.
A pineapple. The local pineapple recognized as the most useful and delicious. They come in several types and sizes. There is a sour pulp - for salads, there is a sweet pineapples. Ripe pineapple - juicy and tender. Pineapple is rich in many beneficial micronutrients. Pineapple lowers blood pressure. It also helps the body to fight colds.
Watermelon. Local watermelons simply unforgettable! In the section they are beautiful, and the taste of juicy and sweet. Watermelon is very refreshing during the hot period of time and it is recommended to use chilled.
Cream sugar apple or Noin. At Noin bog - green skin, which resembles an apple uneven. Noin is a large and a small. Inside - a very gentle sweet pulp. This means that the fruit mature and some eat it with a spoon, cutting the fruit in half. Noin is also very useful for the organism due to its nutrients. Season - from June to September.
Pink apple or Chom Pu. Pink apple are very fond of children. It is tender and slightly sweet. Apple has a well-chilled. There are two types - pink and green. It does not contain bones and skin does not require cleaning. April - June - the month when Rose grows apple.
Guava. Use guava with spices, sugar and salt, when it is still unripe, but the flesh is hard and green. Peel was not purified. Guava is similar to a green hilly apple. It helps the digestive process and the work of the heart.
Carambola or star fruit. Star fruit is called because when cut it resembles a star. Month of growth: from October to December. Clean carambola is not necessary. Carambola is yellow and green, oblong in shape. Mature carambola is a delicious, juicy, slightly sweet, floral. Even in carambola contains vitamin C.
Rambutan. Sweet round "wooly" rambutan contains protein, iron, and other vitamins. It is good for the skin. Rambutan grows from April to October.
Lychee. Round small lychee with skin and tender flesh with sour - sweet taste. Lychee contains useful vitamins. It grows from April to June. Lychee tones and recommended to use in case of anemia. It promotes good digestion.
Longan. Juicy sweet longan with stones similar to nuts. It is well cleared. Longan improves appetite. From June to August - season longan.
Longkon or Lam Yai. Longkon growing grapes. It is a small round fruit with a thin skin and a sour - sweet pulp. It is a useful and nutritious. May - November - longkona season.
Sapodila or Sapodilya. Slightly juicy sapodila brown egg-shaped and caramel flavor. Peel need to clean off. Sapodila contributes to high blood pressure. October - December - sapodily season.
Sala or Salak. Oval sour - sweet fat with small spines, it is easy to clean.
Tamarind. This fruit of irregular shape along its length is okolo10-15 see. Tamarind is used in Thailand as a good laxative and most importantly, a natural remedy. Sometimes different species. There taste tart, sour - sweet, sour and there. Inside hardish bones. Tamarind contains many vitamins and minerals. December - March - a few months tamarind.
Pomelo. Pomelo - a citrus fruit. It has a very thick skin up to 4 cm. Often weighing more than a kilogram. The taste is sweet, slightly bitter. Season: August - November.