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Лидия (пос.Вер...)
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Thai balm from Thailand

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Thailand - a storehouse of recipes embodied in balms, ointments and tinctures that kept male and female health. Of particular note is the famous Thai Tiger Balm. This tool does not need pretentious advertising for it are the facts. The use of this tool allows you to get rid of many diseases, as evidenced by the ratings of satisfied users.
It includes no artificial ingredients, parabens, petroleum products, preservatives and carcinogens. Only natural grass, the dosage of which is held in strict confidence.
Thai Tiger Balm - the perfect remedy for pain, long-term treatment of a variety of diseases and their recurrences. Its composition is very simple, and unique health benefits.
The main components:
Camphor - a substance that effectively reduces inflammation, so the demand for diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, relieves muscle pain and spasms;
Peppermint oil - kills bacteria and viral infections. If there is a cold start - enough to lubricate the nose and throat area balm - disease depart in the morning.
Menthol - perfectly complements the peppermint effect on colds, relieves chronic fatigue. If torturing itching from insect bites - balm relieves symptoms.
Kaeputa oil - used to relieve pain in the area of ​​nerve entrapment, removes spasm and serves as a preservative. Helps when overpowered precursors flu, laryngitis, otitis, bronchitis, rheumatic symptoms, as well as various dermatological diseases.
Oil of cloves - removes inflammation and pain;
Essential oil of cassia - a means of killing viruses and harmful microorganisms, trapped in the body.
Indications for use:
Effective tensile muscles after sporting loads;
Acute and chronic forms of neuralgia;
Frequent headaches, migraines;
Colds, flu, SARS.
Osteochondrosis and arthritis;
Insect bites (mosquitoes, ants);
flatulence, metabolic disorders, flatulence.
Thai tiger ointment has a limited number of contraindications, including pregnancy and lactation. If you have been allergic to any of the balsam components such means, unfortunately, it is not suitable. With regard to the children's age, it is not recommended for children under 2 years. Balm for external use only, it can not be taken orally, applied to mucous membranes, burns, lesions or wounds.
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