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Thai balsams

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Travel to Thailand - a memorable event in the life of every tourist. The country is famous for exotic plants, delicious cuisine and friendly locals willing to show their hospitality to everyone who got into their territory.
It has long been considered the Thai real doctor of alternative medicine, though had no proper education. All the power, knowledge, wisdom and tradition they embodied the world-famous medicinal balms.
Analogues of these agents to treat various diseases does not exist. Each component - a hood (extract) medicinal plant that grows in different regions of the country.
Popular Thai ointment
White ointment - a very good help in the fight against chronic colds. Strengthens the immune system, relieves sore throat, nasal congestion, headache does not become a part of human life.
Black Balsam - a beneficial effect on muscle fibers, preventing the occurrence of pain in the ligaments and the joints, bones and muscles directly themselves. It incorporates black sesame, a substance that promotes the most deep penetration of active ingredients to the source of pain and inflammation of the tissues.
Snake oil - a real salvation for chronic allergies. Is applied directly to the locus (a rash), without causing discomfort.
Green balm - helps to effectively deal with weakness, nausea and dizziness - symptoms of various disorders in the body. If the cold is trying to overcome a person - it is enough to grease ointment feet, wear warm socks and on the morning of treacherous enemy's health will be over.
Thai balsams - expensive?
Opinion stating that buying a jar of ointment on the usual high price is not profitable, false. Once you try real Thai drug is no longer an incentive to go to the drugstore and buy dozens of packages of chemical pharmaceutical product. It is important not to buy into cheapness balm, as the buyer - 100% fake.
Thais do not tell anyone your medical prescriptions creations by passing the secret from generation to generation. However, even if someone wants to play a Thai recipe - it is unlikely to happen. As mentioned earlier, the plant is the basis for balsams grow in certain parts of the country, but where and how they look exactly - no one knows.
It is important to check before using the drug to personal tolerance. It is enough to put it on the skin and through the night to see - if there was rash, swelling, peeling skin. If the answer is no - you can safely deal with illnesses with the help of the Thai miracle ointments.