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How to combine the Thai Aromatic sticks

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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The pleasant aroma in the house - evidence of style and taste of the owner. Synthetic fragrances are not always able to fully satisfy the need for a wonderful smell, soft warm enveloping veil of all objects and the landlord. Very good in this case to use the Thai Aromatic sticks for the home.
Widespread now Indian, Nepalese incense that can be bought on the open market and is already in our country. Thai Aromatic sticks have their own specific features.
In appearance they are very similar to Indian Sticks made on the basis of bamboo. They are made exclusively by machine, on a special machine, which makes it possible to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, good feel.
The composition of the aromatic composition is unique, which distinguishes incense from Thailand from the rest. No intrusive smell of lavender, tea tree and sweet cinnamon. After lighting the sticks space is filled with gentle, extremely stable fragrance - an analogue of perfumes from European manufacturers.
When buying a certain type, you need to pay attention to the description of the incense. The mini-guide in detail painted the character of the fragrance, its components, there is a small colorful description of the flavor. This facilitates the selection of pretty much as you can get something that you like it. Aroma Thai aromapalochek easy, there is no such intensity as that of Indian incense.
As a result of intense decay are released vapors of essential oils. They are perfect for people with sensitive sense of smell, will set a romantic mood or, conversely, some cheer.
Very popular species that can not be combined with other flavors (they have an intense rich flavor), "Chinese astrology", "dragon's blood", "Jamaican rainbow", "Black Magic", "cash house." If the description has monokomponent, for example, lilac or apple, cherry or cinnamon, they can be easily combined with each other, you get a wonderful aroma, unique and original.
Experts advise to try a mix of sticks "Sandal" and "Thai Jasmine." Sandalwood gives a subtle woody fragrance, promotes relaxation, very effective in stressful situations. Jasmine ennobles astringency wood light shade of honey has anti-stress properties, gives every cell of the body lightness and weightlessness. Very good mix of women's and men's fragrance, as the two began to merge together, hitting the imagination and stimulate creativity. Very good for meditation and setting thoughts in a positive way.