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Buy bags, wallets made of snake skin, crocodile, stingray

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« Доброе время суток.!! Большое спасибо Вам! Очень рада что вы все нашли.Здоровья вам и процветания..»

2018-03-21 10:17:07

Лидия (пос.Вер...)
« Доброе время суток! Посылку получила! еще и подарочек положили. Очень приятно! Большое спасибо!! ..»

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Textile products

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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If you are in love with soft textiles, it certainly stands out for myself a couple of kinds of fabrics, which drives you mad? There does not manage without the silk and cashmere. They are so nice that I want to constantly touch them, wear a bear in the interior.
Any woman knows how valuable these fabrics, how they were made, how to identify the authenticity. Just know that they can only be found by visiting the country where the production is not for the money as for the pleasure of their inhabitants. But what if in the near future there is no ticket to such places?
Our online store Thai Voyage pleases you quality, pleasant and elegant textiles. We provide a wide range of products from silk and cashmere, cotton and other natural fabrics, the production of which is located in Thailand and Cambodia.
You will find on our cashmere shawls for "soft" and loyal prices. They are made entirely by hand, from the collection of wool, combing to perfection, to the tailoring. And as handkerchiefs made of natural, rather than synthetic fabrics, the reaction of allergy - is simply impossible. Feel the tenderness you can, as soon as the touch of the selected product.
Any hostess should look feminine, and a man - courageous in his house. Such an image is easy to create with the help of a silk robe. Women give it tenderness, sensuality, but at the same time confidence. A man looks very worthy, even if a look at unofficial visit business partners. Our range of silk robes represented different combinations of colors - bright, bold, pastel, classic (beige and white). In addition, on many models present unique Thai designs and drawings.
Another type provided by textiles - cushion bed. Products made in the decorative style of different tissue types. Huge selection of colors allows you to choose a suitable cloak it in your bedroom. You can see them as traditional Thai designs and modern colors with the addition of geometric figures, floral and animal motifs, and more.
Buy textiles from Thailand and Cambodia can have, in the online store Thai Voyage. Easy implementation of the order, convenient delivery, and a silk scarf has gently leaned against your neck gown of silk, still, it gives you a feeling of comfort and cushion bed make your room even more original.
Keep in mind that things made by hand such a burst of nations, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, give you more positive energy. After all, only with its help you can create such vivid, unusual and unique things!