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joycelyn (Bangkok)
« Thanks so much dear. I have got the parcel. Happy songkran to you and your family. Have a good da..»

2018-04-13 12:22:36

Елена К... (Лянтор)
« Большое спасибо ,посылку получила,товаром довольна,шла дотсургута почти два месяца. ..»

2018-04-08 14:26:05



  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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Working tirelessly, absolutely all are looking forward to vacation. Many dream to go on a sunny country, lie on the beach without worrying about problems bored. Of course, there are those who want to go to the mountains, breathe the forest air, to connect with nature. But both types can be combined into the people who vacation at his face with a half-day sun. This is inevitable as the leaves under trees and under the trees of the forest. How to prepare for such meetings?
You can stock up nemerenoe number of hats and panama hats. Protect your shoulders transparent tunics and T-shirts. And on their feet to wear long trousers. But is it necessary? Do not I get a great tan in the most free time of the year from your work? You then return to the routine, so go back to the same smooth chocolate skin. Then many of your colleagues will envy you, and you will observe in the mirror really rested, beautiful person.
Our online store Thai Voyage wishes you the best rest and take care of your skin. After all, some even suffer sunburn in the sun 12 hours on "hurray" and some burned the first day, even though there were only in the shade. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this category of sunscreen. Here you will find for yourself only natural ingredients, which will create a smooth tan for a long time.
You can select a suntan that will make your skin tone more chocolaty, smooth. You'll look like a mulatto thanks:
· Base oils, including coconut, peanut, and other baobab.
· Essential oils of citrus also add effects.
· Lavender additives, which are ideal for those whose skin is dazzling white and quickly burned. This will save from redness, burns and other unpleasant outcomes.
And also check out the facilities after tanning. Even if you got the sun's rays longer than we would like, then come to the rescue of such means as:
· Lotions and gels of aloe (aloe vera in the composition of 80%).
· Foam after-sun aloe, or with the effect of D-panthenol. Such means well soothe the skin, freshen the look.
· Massage Oil Lime reduce the unpleasant sensation after sun (burning, contractibility), moisten the skin, pull together the pores.
· Base oils with SPF protection. They are made from coconut, coffee beans, fruits, avocados, mangos, jojoba oil, shea butter, and others.
And if you want a light, long-lasting tan. For it was obvious that you were on vacation, but it passed the time and leisure, except by lying under the sun. The proceeds from the Sun can help you achieve this goal. They are often used for particularly sensitive skin that would protect against the sun's rays are not benign.
Advantages of natural sunscreens, presented in our online store Thai Voyage:
1. In almost all cases, do not cause allergies, if oil sunscreen correctly matched. (If you know exactly what a specific natural component - allergy, even in mixed form should refrain from it and replaced with an alternative).
2. Protect from dehydration.
3. Protective Factor (SPF) reaches the point 15. Why not more? It is with such protection improves your own immunity and resistance to sunlight, you are given all the easier. (Using sunscreens with chemical additives your skin simply does not struggle with the influence of the sun).
4. Complete recovery of the organism due to mineral absorption, natural substances.
Buy natural sunscreen can we, in the Thai Voyage. Price will please you, as the products from Thailand, our compatriots like to increase the numbers. Delivery is made convenient for you (air, sea).
Let your holiday will affect only positively on your skin, and the appearance of the whole!