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Products made of stingray leather

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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     More and more popular in today's world, gaining products from exotic skins of various animals. Immediately it became popular crocodile. Now the world is also gaining stingray leather, lizards and other reptiles.
So stingray leather is truly a miracle. Like ourselves graceful and majestic fish. They inhabit all the seas and oceans, sometimes reside even in freshwater. Island countries are known for the ability to admire the stingray in shallow water. And there admiring it: Fish can be from a few centimeters up to five or six meters in length.
 Scat attracted man since ancient times. Our ancestors believed in mysticism ramp. It was believed that he brings strength and luck, as is able to kill the enemy, even after his own death. Therefore, stingray leather products especially appreciated how things unusual and durable, as well as possessing extraordinary beauty of the invoice. Even in ancient Japan handles of swords, katanas, covered with leather stingray. Samurai also used fresh stingray skins for their processing by a wearable armor and shields. They also decorated boxes, jewelry and other decorative type of fishing.
In the twenties of the twentieth century, the fashion for exotic skin is back and has been used in the treatment of furniture, arts and crafts, it was part of the clothing items and accessories.
In our time, the skin ramp again gaining popularity as a precious thing, able to attach it to the owner of vip-class consumers. Initially, the best French and American fashion designer returned to this extraordinary material to people. Louis Vuitton has released a large collection of products from exotic skins, including leather and stingray. Now, it's fun and easy available to consumers in at least the refined version. In our store you can find men's and women's bags from stingray leather, purses, wallets and accessories.
Some of the problems in today's market is the probability of not distinguish the real from the fakes stingray skin. Here are some tips for our customers:
1. In case of contact with fire, stingray leather does not lose, nor form nor properties. He did not cause her absolutely no harm.
2. glowing with fire needle and try to pierce the skin of a slope. Make it would be very difficult, the skin will emit a characteristic crisp sound. You pierce leather without problems.
3. On the forged skin, pimples are often glued, overlaid elements. At slope bumps, pimples is part of the skin.
4. stingray leather pimples beady located close to each other without gaps.
Knowing these basic rules, you can easily protect yourself from buying low-quality goods. In our shop you will find only genuine stingray leather. Such material is, by definition, exclusivity comes at a cost. But here you will find a pleasant combination of price and quality. Best way of payment and delivery. The variety of products and models.