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Travel to Thailand from home

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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   If you have never been in Thailand - not a problem. There is a unique opportunity to join the culture of the Thai people, their kitchen and get a lot of pleasure from shopping.
Buy products from Thailand in our online store - the fastest and most affordable way to do it. Before you proceed to the choice, you must navigate the things that are most popular in this wonderful country. Products from Thailand can be both food and industrial use.
hygienic products
Toothpaste from Thailand will make your teeth strong, healthy and pure white. The secret is simple - paste each has its own specific composition based on plant components. They do not irritate the mucous membrane of the mouth and a positive effect on the gums, preventing bleeding and inflammation.
Soap from Thailand will make your skin velvety, matte and radiantly fresh, returns a healthy look and peach shade. If you need a means for the soul - gel "Aloe Vera" from Thailand is very popular helper for hygiene procedures. It has a delicate odor unobtrusive, natural makeup and pleasant texture, allowing a good foam.
Hair - the basis of any beauty, women and even men. It is important to prevent the emergence of dandruff, hair loss, damage to the scalp. Shampoo from Thailand that is based on natural ingredients, carefully protects the scalp from aggressive external environment, and balm from Thailand strengthens the hair, making them soft and shiny.
All for health and weight loss
Few people have not heard of such a healing and effective product as Goji berries, which can be ordered from the online store. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements valuable dry product can in just a few weeks to save people from 5-10 kg of excess weight.
Goji Berries help prevent stretch marks from rapid loss of kilos, the accompanying person most of his life. Start dumping can be right now - to select the position of the product, "goji berries" (the price for a specific product weight) and press the button "buy". Just a few days you will receive the parcel and can begin to review the diet.
Natural coconut oil helps to feel on top of the world. Used to massage at home, hair masks and facial skin. Tea from Thailand will incorporate each to Thai culture, giving an unforgettable taste and aroma.
fashionable accessories
Souvenirs from Thailand occupy rightly sacred place in every home. These may be figures of people and animals (wood, ceramic, clay), necklaces and hair ornaments, and much more. Buy them can be right now, not shelving the desire to merge with Thai culture.
With regard to travel accessories, you can buy products from stingray leather - a rare marine life. Very popular
bag from stingray leather, both for women and for men. They have a unique design and long service life.
Not less demand bag of crocodile skin. Despite the danger posed by animal products from crocodile skin extremely soft and pleasant to the tactile sensations.
As a gift, you can choose a purse from crocodile skin (for women), crocodile leather strap (male, female, unisex), a portfolio of crocodile skin for a solid human, having high social status.
Leather snakes are not less popular, they have high-quality and robust, allowing to carry a bag of snake skin for years to come.
For a comfortable sleep and rest Thais offer quality products of latex, a beneficial effect on the human body. Mattresses made of latex can be any size you want, and latex pillows provide proper support for your head at night.
It remains to choose what is of interest to you, and to think about the purchase of goods from Thailand - quality, reliable, economical.