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Natural coconut oil from Thailand

  • 25 October 2014 00:00:00
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Everyone for themselves can identify the most favorite smells. Among them exactly meet the coconut flavor, and it's not weird! This fruit for centuries to help women monitor their beauty. Really useful properties will be provided if it is a natural coconut oil. Do you often meet him on the shelves of local supermarkets?
Our online store Thai Voyage gives you a wide range of funds from the natural coconut oil. In Thailand, no woman can not do without this product. As part of the oil does not contain chemicals, supplements, colorings or flavorings. This product is already from its birth has everything that is so useful in a variety of applications. Now more about the products.
Most often, you meet a cream, gel or coconut milk for the body. We invite you to read it with coconut oil and not a derivative. The oil is used both for the body and hair. It has endless miraculous properties, but we will try briefly about the main thing.
for a healthy body Coconut oil
If you have wrinkles appear, the coconut oil will make them less noticeable, and new ones will arise much less and more slowly.
If you have dry skin, the oil will soften, moisturize and saturate problem areas.
Widespread use after sunbathing. When you overdid it with a tan, and skin pulled together to impossible, coconut oil quench discomfort, cool the entire body surface.
The same can be applied to the Sun, then the final effect will be better than after tanning. Tan will be uniform, and you will be chocolate, not charred tourist.
A wonderful alternative to cream after epilation. "Calm" proepilirovannuyu skin, unwanted red trace will remain This oil.
You can apply for fun or soothing effect. Natural scent relieves stress, fatigue after a hard day's work. You finally relax.
Just to please her body after a shower. Apply oil after the bath procedures, and will look more fresh, young and spectacularly.
Use a nail growth stimulator.
Coconut oil for hair strengthening
Use coconut oil as a mask, your hair:
Break stop not only at the tips, but also along the entire length.
They will look healthy and alive.
Will find a chic natural shine.
Reduce the amount of hair loss.
It can be applied for a couple of hours before washing your hair over the entire length, not touching the roots. Then you will protect your hair from the adverse effect of sulphate shampoo. You can apply on the night, while wearing a special package, so as not to stain the linen. You will only need one or two tablespoons for long hair.
If you want, you can apply a natural coconut and after washing your hair. Then you are not afraid of drying, or other thermal effects on your hair.
Coconut oil oral
You may have already heard about this kind of application. If not, then a brief explanation that no toothpaste not cope at all with 100% of oral bacteria. Even if you use a special mouthwash, the same effect as from the oil, you are unlikely to get anywhere. If you regularly use coconut oil in this direction, you can boost your immune system. How? You protect yourself to a greater extent from viruses and microbes. In addition, the gums will be healthier and fortified (problems with bleeding can forget). And such nuances as plaque and caries, more than you will not be disturbed.
Coconut oil can and should drink!
We, Thai Voyage, give you a capsule and natural drinking unrefined coconut oil. What is the use? Colossal! Namely:
Improve digestion.
Establish metabolism.
Reducing the number of bacteria and viruses.
Prevention of intestinal diseases.
The fall of cholesterol to the desired levels.
The blood vessels work better.
The general strengthening of the immune system.
To maintain the beauty? Just! Together with natural coconut oil in our online store. To strengthen the immune system and improve the performance of the internal organs? It is also easy by buying this wonderful tool we have, in the Thai Voyage.