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Chinese medicinal products

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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       Nature has given us a body, which was necessary to make sure to keep in shape, and when problems arise - to solve immediately. How often do you ask for help in the pharmacy? How often do you have there the necessary assistance? If you doubted a little, then you should refer to the Thai traditional medicine. It has long been known that the Thai people live healthier lives thanks to the gifts of nature on their continent.
We, Thai Voyage online store, offer you a huge selection of medicinal products from Thailand. Each of them helps to cope with problems that do not always come out cured with conventional medicines. In addition, all products are absolutely safe for health, enhance general immunity, and because of this, you feel healthy, cheerful and optimistic person.
Among the presented assortment you will find goji berries, noni juice, healing salves and ointments, inhalers, sniffer, medical patches, capsules healing effect and other remedies.
Goji Berries - healing plant whose specificity - is limitless. They are taken in the solution of global problems (from prevention of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease), as well as in solving a local disease. Goji berries can help you:
· Reduce the weight by simply reduce appetite;
· To improve the metabolism;
· Reduce the number of wrinkles. The skin will be subjected to a rapid time-aging processes. Useful substances berries will smooth out the skin, making it more youthful.
· Compete with insomnia.
· Feel the true desire. On the part of women - increased libido, by men - increasing potency.
· Just feel wonderful.
Noni juice has gained popularity on all continents is not so long ago, but the Thai people have long known about its medicinal properties. This is a general strengthening of the whole immune system, stimulation of the body's protective action. Taking juice every day, you will be less likely to be exposed to a viral illness. As noted toning the entire body, a surge of strength and energy. Solved or reduced joint problems, improves the cardiovascular system. The juice is recommended to drink for people of all ages.
In the category of balms and ointments you will meet a variety of therapeutic agents. Gels with analgesic effect helps with pain in the joints, muscles under tension, as well as in physical damage to any part of the body. Almost all vehicles have an aloe extract, which only enhances the healing effect, or recovery. Oils are used not only for massage, but also to calm the pain points. Warming this section, you start to feel relief and relaxation. Thai ointment can be used even by professional athletes (martial art forms). Ointments act quickly on the epicenter of the pain, while creating a cooling effect.
Inhalers save you from:
· Headaches.
· Nausea.
· Vertigo.
· Colds (including all kinds of display: a runny nose, cough).
· A minor asthma attacks.
· Unpleasant sensation after insect bite.
The principle of operation is as follows: inhalers smeared on whiskey (or other problem areas), and then starts to move blood through the vessels faster and unwanted sensations are. Sniffer act as medical sprays, only due to the natural composition, have a more positive effect.
Medical plasters you meet as cooling (for headaches, temperature), and the warm-up (for muscle pain, sprains, or more specific issues, such as nerve entrapment, hypothermia particular area of ​​the body, etc.).
In the category of capsules and remedies you will find products that help restore balance to its beginning (women, men), reduce weight, reduce pain from muscle tension, adjust metabolism and much more.
Buy healing items you have in your online store Thai Voyage using any convenient method (basket, callback). The expected result from the natural origin of the goods will not disappoint. After all, what's wrong with improving the overall condition of the body and spirit as a whole?