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Care products made from stingray leather

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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At present, the skin of exotic animals has become part of modern life. Products made of stingray leather are very popular, but not everyone can afford to buy them mean high cost. But if you are the lucky owner of a handbag, a belt or a light summer sandals - you need to know exactly how to care for them. This will ensure not only long life, but for a long time retain the original appearance.
Stingray skin: features
Extremely durable material that can compete except with ivory. stingray meat is very tasty delicacy, served in restaurants around the world, and the skin is on various products. The process of tanning pelts specific, non-compliance with the slightest technology leads to deterioration of the material and therefore can not be used for its intended purpose. The scales in the processing of gradually disappear without damaging the top layer, giving the skin a slight pearlescent.
The distinctive ability - absolutely not afraid of water, if the impact of short-term. Prolonged wet product itself gradually dialed water, swell and may be deformed.
If the product of stingray leather, care which can greatly extend its life, accidentally spilled liquid alkogolesoderzhaschaya, an urgent need to remove excess moisture from the surface. Later, it is recommended to dry naturally, without the use of hair dryers and radiators.
For everyday cleaning accessory with stingray leather is enough to wipe with a damp cotton cloth, without using tools with abrasives.
For stubborn stains (grass, wine, blood) is necessary to use a soft brush. Lightly soap the contaminated area with natural soap with no additives, rub and rinse with clean water. Excess moisture soak a soft flannel or other natural fabric.
Polishing or not?
As mentioned earlier, the skin stingray has a rare feature - an unusual soft glow, a delicate pearly luster. Some customers with the product becoming a special polish for leather. It is believed that he is a panacea for wear, abrasion and other metamorphoses of the material. Experts do not recommend to use it, since, contrary to expectations, the natural luster gradually come down.
Proper care will keep your belts and bags in perfect condition.