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« Доброе время суток.!! Большое спасибо Вам! Очень рада что вы все нашли.Здоровья вам и процветания..»

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Лидия (пос.Вер...)
« Доброе время суток! Посылку получила! еще и подарочек положили. Очень приятно! Большое спасибо!! ..»

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Leather snakes

  • 12 November 2014 00:00:00
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Modern fashion again surprises us with a variety of prints, patterns and materials. Thus, the popularity acquire products from exotic leather - crocodile leather, stingray, reptiles.
The main key to success in snake skin density and elasticity of the material, which enables to produce very different, but with proper care and caring for - a strong and durable product. As well as in a variety of colors and patterns - not a single snake does not have the same coloring, which means that anyone who acquires a purse, bag or any accessory can be sure of its product has unique and unrepeatable in nature.
All snake skin differs depending on the type and thickness of its structure. But, looking like a phantasmagoric masterpiece of art itself is in the hands of a master, it can become a work of art. In connection with the work of animal protection, a modern "raw materials" are grown on special farms snake. This usually pythons. Their skin is very soft and pleasant to the touch, smooth. If the product should be tender and opaque, it was and left. For more rigid product, the skin is covered with a special varnish, it acquires the necessary density and gloss. Snakeskin is also malleable in color. Handbags and purses are made mostly from the Indian cobra, or snake spectacle. It is very appreciated for variegated color of the hood, surprising pattern, which makes the product not just of things, and things luxury-class, stressing the individuality of the customer.
To leather snake things serve you as long as possible, the colors remain juicy and alive, we must not forget that the snake skin requires particular care.
And so, what do you need to remember:
· Products snakeskin prefer dry cleaning. Clean the product in the direction of growth of scales. Avoid getting moisture.
· Do not use soap or other cleaning detergents - they desiccate the product.
· Always use the special softening conditioners snakeskin.
· Just products are contraindicated prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
• Do not lift the skin flakes, if dirt got under them.
· If the product is very dirty, it is best to give it to a specialized cleaning.
Our store will provide modern fashionistas wonderful selection of products made of snake skin. You will be pleasantly surprised by our combination of price and quality. Things luxury will be the perfect gift for celebration or a sign of love and care for no good reason. Products made of snake skin is never completely out of fashion, are always in trend. They are not only a sign of material wealth, but also an indicator of good taste and style of the owner, whether it's belt, purse or bag. In our shop you will find only high quality products from snake skin, which will reliably serve you for a long time to please the eye.