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« Здравствуйте! Спасибо за посылку и подарочек, очень приятно! ..»

2018-02-21 12:56:32

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« Спасибо за посылочку, а так же за подарочек. Заказала в первый раз и не разочаровалась. С удоволь..»

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Care products made from snake skin

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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     Handbags and other accessories from snake skin - not just a craze, but also beautiful, really high-quality thing. The subject of pride of every modern, self-confident woman, appreciating original things.
It is important to not only buy a product from an exotic material, but also know how to properly care for them.
Observance of technology skincare with snake significantly increases the life of bags, belts, and shoes. In addition, it is important to prevent the raising of scales, which, in essence, is the main problem of the material.
Scale - this is quite an effective form of protection products. Hold it on the membrane - a thin and delicate layer which can be easily damaged by sharp objects. If the product has been exposed to heavy rain - the deformation of the membrane is inevitable, as the skew product, peeling scales and upset the owner of things. This accessory is no longer possible to be used for its intended purpose, in fact decorate them your way.
All of the "possible" and "impossible"
snake skin very well and absorbs moisture quickly. In addition to attempts to protect the product from snakeskin sheath of strong wetting, you should know - how to rectify the situation, if the worst has already happened. No radiators, heaters and dryers - accessory can be thrown in the dustbin immediately after a disastrous drying. Immediately wipe the product with a dry cotton cloth and leave to dry naturally.
In no case can not use an abrasive soap or detergent to produce full routine cleaning products.
You can not wipe the product snakeskin against the stacking direction of the scales in order to avoid undermining the rough sections or individual scales.
All items must be periodically aired. The closer and more careful attitude is a costly product, the longer it will retain the original appearance. Nor should we take risks and give an accessory to the dry cleaners, even if in the price of their services have any. Specific and usually cheap chemicals used in these services, adversely affect any delicate items. However, it is difficult to make a complaint, representatives of the company can motivate damage someone else's property, or low-quality tailoring latter for other reasons when the guilty will the manufacturer or the customer.