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Goji berries from Thailand

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Nutritionists continue to look for a tool that would make a person energetic, support its weight at the desired elevation, while not adversely affecting the gastrointestinal tract and overall health.
Goji berries have been actively discussed since 2004, the pioneers were the stars of the silver screen, politicians and athletes seeking to keep fit and gain longevity.
A little history
Goji Berries appeared for a long time, but not everyone dares to try them on themselves due to the meager amount of information about their qualitative structure. Dr. Al Mindell, who for a long time studied composition and effects of berries on the human body, was able to put together all the facts and highlight 33 reasons why you need to use the miracle berry to eat every day, but in metered quantities. On the book was born - a kind of guide to action.
Berries with regular use normalize blood pressure, and, if the person suffers from low - is raised to the level of normal, high - reduced accordingly;
You can drink for diabetics - they regulate blood sugar levels, normalize vision;
In the psycho-emotional sphere: improve memory, relieves stress, improves sleep, and neutralizes the destructive action of the stressful situation;
Active influence on the composition of the fat cells, effectively reduces weight gradually and keeps it at the desired point.
Normalizes blood cholesterol levels.
And this is not all the benefits of Goji berries, which can be bought at many online resources. It is important to deliberate in choosing the supplier to get really high-quality product that can harm health.
Contraindications berries
Small bright berries are sold in dried form. It can be eaten as is or added to smoothies (fruit or vegetable), yogurt, cereal.
Contraindications as such does not officially exist, so the approach to assessing the quality of the product should be somewhat different. In discussion forums buyers are eager to share their experiences from the use of berries.
Among the major challenges faced wishing to increase life expectancy and to lose weight, say insomnia. This problem is easily solved, if you eat berries in the morning to accompany maximum energy throughout the day, instead of exhausting the body at night. Persons who use anticoagulants warfarin and Sintrom, the product should be used with caution.
Some note abdominal pain of varying intensity, experts advise to stop using the dry product, and add them to juices, fruit drinks, teas. The problem can not be miracle berry itself, and the type and amount of preservatives, they are treated to increase shelf life. This is another vote for the careful selection of the supplier or seller.