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Cosmetics «Tropicana» from Thailand

  • 13 October 2014 00:00:00
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Cosmetics «Tropicana» guard your beauty
Thailand is famous not only good resorts, but also natural cosmetics made from natural ingredients.
Manufacturer TROPICANA OIL has already won the love of many women and even men from all over the world. Beauty - terrible force, as the proverb says, but on the other hand, it also requires the terrible casualties. Injections of Botox, lifting, liposuction and laser - inspire fear for their health, and not without reason. Why go to such execution, if the Thai manufacturers offer coconut oil and cosmetics for face and body based on it.
Benefits of natural cosmetics
Thai manufacturer offers a natural coconut oil, characterized by excellent quality. Not surprisingly, cosmetics based on it is not only caring, but also medicinal properties (restoration, protection, regeneration).
Company «Tropicana oil» has all the necessary innovative equipment, which made a real miracle in containers and jars, tubes and boxes.
"Cold pressed" coconut oil is produced according to technology. This is important, as it allows you to save all the nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. On the leading position of the company has allowed to leave the benevolent relation to each potential consumer of cosmetics; experience and professional staff; equipment and sensitive technologies that were not disclosed to third parties. Even if you by chance encounter on the shelves of cosmetics stores Beauty Products similar composition - the effect will still be different. In addition to modern production techniques are also used by the ancient Thai recipes.
Quality standards Tropicana
The company received the award for the implementation of NEC in the work of innovation. More specifically: equipping the new production line and laboratory modernization of production technologies. Raw materials produced from large coconuts grown on the company's plantation on the river Ta Pi.
The range of products will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding customers. It covers a large number of categories: coconut oil in its pure form, lip balms, products for skin care - creams, coconut soap, and more. We provide products directly from the manufacturer, so no worries about the quality of medicinal properties and safety you should not have.